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  • Juan Cole analyse une information (non confirmée) du Iran Times selon laquelle le deuxième iranien impliqué dans la pseudo-tentative d’attentat aux États-Unis serait membre des moudjahidin du peuple :

    The -state-backed- Iran Times carries a report from Iran’s Mehr news service that alleges that it learned from Interpol that Gholam Shakuri is a member of the People’s Holy Jihadis guerrilla group (the Mojahedin-e Khalq or MEK). The MEK wants to see the rule of the ayatollahs in Iran overthrown.

    Shakuri is the second person named in the Department of Justice case that holds that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) was involved with expatriate Manssor Arbabsiar in a plot to blow up the Saudi Ambassador in Washington.

    The paper says that Interpol has evidence that Shakuri was in Camp Ashraf, the compound where members are virtually imprisoned (in inhumane circumstances and with occasional attacks on them) by the now-Shiite government in Iraq. Saddam Hussein had given the base to the MEK so as to allow them to carry out spying, sabotage and terrorist missions against the Islamic Republic.