Beauté fatale

Un compte pour suivre l’actualité des thèmes développés dans « Beauté fatale. Les nouveaux visages d’une aliénation féminine », un essai de Mona Chollet, Zones / La Découverte, Paris, 2012.

  • The model agencies say one of these girls is the proper shape and the other is too fat. Are they right? - The Independent

    Jo Fonseca, director of Models 1, said: “Models have to be slim. I can think of nothing worse than being fat. The only reason that thin girls look so unusual at the moment is because there are so many fat people.”

    Anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise. Lynda Thompson, 18-years-old, 5ft 9in and weighing in at just 61/2 stone, was in the first throes of anorexia when she was stopped by a scout for a leading agency and asked if she wanted to be a model.

    “She said I had a perfect figure and walked beautifully, so I was just right for the catwalk,” Ms Thompson said. “For the past year my family and friends had been telling me I looked awful and needed medical help ... It was so confusing. I thought ’I can’t be too thin if an agent thinks I’m good enough to be a model’. So I continued to starve myself.” Six months later she was dangerously ill in hospital.

    Un article de 1996 retrouvé par @odilon. Merci!

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