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  • Genetically Modified Showdown: Monsanto Sued by Organic Farmers | Fast Company

    Imagine if Apple tried to charge you every time you accidentally glanced at an iPhone on the street. That’s basically the policy that Monsanto, an agriculture giant whose patented genes are in 95% of all soybeans and 80% of all corn grown in the U.S, enforces. The company is notorious for suing farmers that the company suspects of violating patents in even inadvertent manners. Monsanto has sued hundreds of farmers and received over $15 million from these patent-violation cases (PDF), which have included incidences of farmers being sued because pollen from nearby farmers’ Monsanto-brand genetically modified crops blew over the fence onto their field. Now, finally, organic farmers are fighting back.

  • Charlemagne : Among the dinosaurs | The Economist

    BLISS is it in a financial crisis to be a socialist. Or so it ought to be. In speculators and ratings agencies, Europe’s left has a ready cast of villains and rogues. In simmering social discontent, it has an energising force. A recent issue of Paris-Match inadvertently captured the mood: page after full-colour page on Britain’s rioting underclass were followed by gory visual detail of the bling yachts crowding into the bay near Saint-Tropez. Time, surely, to put social inclusion before defiant decadence.

    the economist a choisi Valls comme poulain, par défaut hélas dsk subissant les affres de l’opprobre populaire, emmerde son monde ce bon peuple...

    With Dominique Strauss-Kahn out of the running there is just one French Socialist primary candidate who understands all this. Manuel Valls, a deputy and mayor with a refreshingly modern view of the left, says Socialists are not being straight by promising retirement at 60. He dares utter such truths as “we need to tell the French that the [budgetary] effort…will be as great as that achieved after Liberation”. Alas, the 49-year-old Mr Valls is considered too young to be a serious contender. The day the paleo-Socialists of the Mitterrand generation allow such figures to emerge would be the dawn of a real revolution.


  • Rebels’ Assault on Tripoli Began With Careful Work Inside http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/23/world/africa/23reconstruct.html?nl=afternoonupdate&emc=aua2

    The rebels had been resupplied with weapons from Qatari special forces and given satellite photographs by their British and French military advisers. To boost morale, the United States passed along snippets of intercepted telephone conversations in which Libyan commanders were complaining about desperate shortages of food, water and ammunition.