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  • Chris Woods

    Royal Treats is a body of work that was partially conceived in the fall of 1994. It was put on hold, however, while I undertook the commission to paint The Fourteen Stations of the Cross for St. David’s Anglican Church in Vancouver, BC.
    Before I took on the Stations of the Cross, my initial ideas for Royal Treats were to encompass images of superstition and ritual set in fast-food restaurants. The paintings Royal Treats and Sandwich Artist reflect these themes. Royal Treats, which takes place in a Dairy Queen, is loosely based on the Catholic ritual of communion while Sandwich Artist takes a more pagan approach by depicting a palm reading at a Subway sandwich shop. Two other works, Fast Food Ritual I & II, also deal with similar notions.
    So Begins The Reign, Oil on Canvas, 102 X 68 inches, 1997

  • UK: New Archbishop signals openness on LGBT issues
    By Scott Robertsfor
    9 November 2012, 3:02pm

    Dr Welby is replacing Dr Rowan Williams (KJB Photography)

    Dr Welby is replacing Dr Rowan Williams (KJB Photography)

    The Bishop of Durham Justin Welby, who has been appointed as the new Archbishop of Canterbury, says the Church of England must have “no truck with any form of homophobia”.

    Although Dr Welby has previously stated his opposition to equal marriage and the ordination of gay bishops, in a speech made on Friday at Lambeth Palace, Dr Welby signalled that he was willing to engage on LGBT issues by saying:

    “It is absolutely right for the state to define the rights and status of people cohabiting in different forms of relationships, including civil partnerships.

    “We must have no truck with any form of homophobia in any part of the church”.

    He said that he supported the House of Bishops’ statement in the summer in response to the government’s consultation on same-sex marriage – which opposed the measure.

    “But I also know I need to listen very attentively to the LGBT communities and examine my own thinking carefully and prayerfully,” he added.

    Dr Welby was named on Thursday as the replacement for Dr Rowan Williams, who steps down in December after ten years in the post as Archbishop of Canterbury.

  • Gay orchestra set to perform in Anglican church | Gay Star News

    Gay orchestra set to perform in Anglican church
    Christmas concert will feature Tchaikovsky and ’camp classics’
    07 November 2012
    Christmas concert will feature Tchaikovsky and ’camp classics’

    The London Gay Symphony Orchestra is to perform a Christmas concert at St Sepulchre-without-Newgate, the largest parish church in the City.

    The LGSO is the largest in the UK and it’s members have performed at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank, as well as other international venues.

    Christopher Braime, the conductor of the Christmas Concert, said: ’Christmas is a sensory time of year – the sights, the smells and, most importantly for me, the sounds: as soon as I hear the opening bars of The Nutcracker, Christmas leaps to life from the score.

    ’After all those hot ballet boys, Finlandia is an icy shower; The Snow Maiden lures with ice and fire and Dvorak invites us to don our party frocks and dance like a Slavonic.’

    The LGSO perform only four times a year and are active in raising funds for charities such as Amnesty International and the Albert Kennedy Trust.

    You can purchase tickets for the concert on 9 December here. The performance begins at 7pm.

  • Stephen Fry slams Church of England for spreading lies about gay marriage | Gay Star News

    Stephen Fry slams Church of England for spreading lies about gay marriage
    Gay British broadcaster accuses religious leaders of trying to appease the ’extreme end’ of their membership
    05 October 2012 | By Joe Morgan
    Gay TV presenter Stephen Fry has slammed the Church of England for spreading lies about marriage equality.

    Gay broadcaster, actor, author, presenter and wit Stephen Fry has slammed the Church of England of caving to extremists who have spread lies about marriage equality.

    The atheist QI presenter said religious leaders who oppose same-sex weddings are trying to appease the ‘extreme end’ of their membership.

    Fry reiterated the UK government’s continued declarations which say no one will be forced to carry out gay weddings if it is against their religious beliefs.

    In a video for the Out4Marriage campaign, he says: ‘Those who are against gay marriage are somehow spreading this disinformation that we are going to say “You, you Reverend so-and-so, are forced to hold this gay marriage in your church”.

    ‘It’s not true! People who run churches, synagogues or mosques are not forced to marry previously divorced people, for example.’

    Fry then turned on the Church of England, which is currently deeply divided over the issue.

    ‘It’s wrong, in a country like ours, which has an established Church, just because their more extreme end is screeching with outrage at the idea of this, that we are not allowed to be married,’ he said.

    ‘It’s unfair on plenty of other religious people and it is misrepresenting what we require, which is only the same as anybody else, and that’s to express our love in the fullest possible way of commitment.’

    Fry, who is currently starring as puritan comic villain Malvolio in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, said while gay people used to be known as ‘bohemian and outrageous’, they are really just human beings who want to be loved just like everybody else.

    The Out4Marriage video ends with a final argument, where Fry finishes: ‘At least 270 species of animal have been noted exhibiting homosexual behavior but only one species of animal ever, so far as we know, has exhibited homophobic behavior – and that’s the human being.

    ’Ask yourself what is really natural.’

    The UK government is expected to release the findings of their consultation on marriage equality soon.

    Watch Stephen Fry’s Out4Marriage video here:

  • Rupert Everett calls gay marriages ‘beyond tragic’ | Gay Star News

    Rupert Everett calls gay marriages ‘beyond tragic’
    Gay actor calls Anglican church ’crusty, old and pathetic’, saying: ’Why do queens want to get married in churches?’
    29 September 2012 | By Joe Morgan
    Gay actor Rupert Everett has called same-sex marriages ’beyond tragic’.

    In another instance of foot-in-mouth disease, gay actor Rupert Everett has called marriages between same-sex couples ‘beyond tragic’.

    In an interview with The Guardian, he said: ‘Why do queens want to go and get married in churches?

    ‘Obviously this crusty old pathetic Anglican church – the most joke-ish church of all jokey churches – of course they don’t want to have queens getting married.

    ‘It’s kind of understandable that they don’t; they’re crusty old calcified freaks. But why do we want to get married in churches? I don’t understand that, myself, personally.’

  • Church of England reaches compromise on women bishops | World news | The Guardian

    In spite of four days of tortuous debate, the synod agreed that its bishops could instead tinker with legislation that would allow the ordination of women as bishops, before returning it to the synod for final approval in July. If that legislation is passed, women bishops could be ordained in 2014.


    Intéressants ces cours du soir où les grandes personnes apprennent apparemment à distinguer les formes élémentaires.

  • Augmentation du coût de la mort // Church of England votes to increase marriage and funeral fees | World news | The Guardian

    The General Synod, which is meeting in London this week, agreed to push funeral service fees up from £102 to £160 and wedding ceremony fees from £296 to £415 in an attempt to standardise costs across the country’s 16,000 churches. The increase includes lighting and administration, but not heating, and comes into effect next year.


  • The Church of England’s fudge on female bishops is breathtaking | Andrew Brown | Comment is free |

    The archbishops envisage that the Church of England, once it has female bishops, will continue ordaining men who do not accept these women, finding them jobs they will deign to accept, and promoting some of them to be bishops who will work to ensure the continued supply of male priests who refuse to accept female clergy. In fact, the church will pay three bishops (the formerly “flying” sees of Ebbsfleet, Richborough, and Beverley) to work full time against their female colleagues, and to nourish the resistance.


  • Church of England ’must accept actively gay clergy’ | World news | The Guardian

    Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of the history of the church at the University of Oxford and presenter of BBC4’s A History of Christianity, writes in the Guardian that while there has been a revolution in attitudes towards gay people in the UK, “the church has just stuck its fingers in its ears and chanted la-la-la”. He asks: “When will the Church of England wake up to what has become apparent to the rest of the nation?”


  • Anglican newspaper defends ’Gaystapo’ article | World news | The Guardian

    An Anglican newspaper has defended the publication of an article that compares gay rights campaigners to Nazis, saying the author has “pertinent views”.

    The column, by former east London councillor Alan Craig, appeared in the 28 October edition of the Church of England Newspaper, one of the oldest newspapers in the world. Although it is independent of the institution bearing the same name, it carries adverts for Church of England jobs and is read by its clergy.