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  • The Return of Ahmad Chalabi – Justin Raimondo

    Back in 2004, US troops in Iraq raided Chalabi’s headquarters. The accusation: he had leaked classified US intelligence to the Iranians, letting them in on the secret that we had cracked Tehran’s interagency code. For years, Chalabi had been on the CIA payroll, but now it looked like he was in reality a double-agent acting on behalf of Iran. The real shocker, however, was that Chalabi had access to this kind of closely-guarded intelligence in the first place. The FBI wanted to know how the wily Iranian exile leader got his hands on the information.

    The trail led directly to … AIPAC headquarters, nerve center of the Jewish state’s powerful Washington lobby. The FBI raided the building and carried away truckloads of evidence – twice.

  • American spies and the contemporary Middle East: Bob Ames and Abu Hassan Salameh

    There seems to be an increase in the number of books by and about former (or current) US spies. The phenomenon raises questions about the motives and purpose of all those books and articles that all share a glorification of US spy agencies and their men (rarely are women in US intelligence agencies portrayed as heroes as men are). But we know that US intelligence agencies don’t permit former spies or analysts to publish books and articles without previous screening and editing and approval by a US government censor. The legal justification is that the government wants to make sure that no intended or unintended release of information from classified information occurs. But the lines are not clear-cut: the government can (and has) censor what it may deem to be politically damaging. read (...)

  • American spies and the contemporary Middle East: Bob Ames and Abu Hassan Salamah

    There seems to be an increase in the number of books by and about former (or current) US spies. The phenomenon raises questions about the motives and purpose of all those books and articles that all share a glorification of US spy agencies and their men (rarely are women in US intelligence agencies portrayed as heroes as men are). But we know that US intelligence agencies don’t permit former spies or analysts to publish books and articles without previous screening and editing and approval by a US government censor. The legal justification is that the government wants to make sure that no intended or unintended release of information from classified information occurs. But the lines are not clear-cut: the government can (and has) censor what it may deem to be politically damaging. read (...)

  • Snowden documents show US, UK spy agencies infiltrate online groups - World Socialist Web Site

    Snowden documents show US, UK spy agencies infiltrate online groups

    By Nick Barrickman
    27 February 2014

    British and US intelligence agencies are systematically employing deceptive tactics to monitor, manipulate and subvert the activities of individuals in various online activist organizations who have never been charged with crimes, according to a report on Glenn Greenwald’s website, the Intercept.

    The report is based on a 50-page presentation by the British spy agency GCHQ to the NSA and other agencies, entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations.” The document expands on details of methods used by GCHQ and its previously secret unit, the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG), reported in previous leaks from Snowden.

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  • Seymour M. Hersh · Whose sarin ? · LRB 8 December 2013

    Barack Obama did not tell the whole story this autumn when he tried to make the case that Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack near Damascus on 21 August. In some instances, he omitted important intelligence, and in others he presented assumptions as facts.

    Most significant, he failed to acknowledge something known to the US intelligence community: that the Syrian army is not the only party in the country’s civil war with access to sarin, the nerve agent that a UN study concluded – without assessing responsibility – had been used in the rocket attack. In the months before the attack, the American intelligence agencies produced a series of highly classified reports, culminating in a formal Operations Order – a planning document that precedes a ground invasion – citing evidence that the al-Nusra Front, a jihadi group affiliated with al-Qaida, had mastered the mechanics of creating sarin and was capable of manufacturing it in quantity.


    The Post report also provided the first indication of a secret sensor system inside Syria, designed to provide early warning of any change in status of the regime’s chemical weapons arsenal. The sensors are monitored by the National Reconnaissance Office, the agency that controls all US intelligence satellites in orbit. According to the Post summary, the NRO is also assigned ‘to extract data from sensors placed on the ground’ inside Syria. The former senior intelligence official, who had direct knowledge of the programme, told me that NRO sensors have been implanted near all known chemical warfare sites in Syria. They are designed to provide constant monitoring of the movement of chemical warheads stored by the military. But far more important, in terms of early warning, is the sensors’ ability to alert US and Israeli intelligence when warheads are being loaded with sarin. (As a neighbouring country, Israel has always been on the alert for changes in the Syrian chemical arsenal, and works closely with American intelligence on early warnings.) A chemical warhead, once loaded with sarin, has a shelf life of a few days or less – the nerve agent begins eroding the rocket almost immediately: it’s a use-it-or-lose-it mass killer. ‘The Syrian army doesn’t have three days to prepare for a chemical attack,’ the former senior intelligence official told me. ‘We created the sensor system for immediate reaction, like an air raid warning or a fire alarm. You can’t have a warning over three days because everyone involved would be dead. It is either right now or you’re history. You do not spend three days getting ready to fire nerve gas.’ The sensors detected no movement in the months and days before 21 August, the former official said.

    It is of course possible that sarin had been supplied to the Syrian army by other means, but the lack of warning meant that Washington was unable to monitor the events in Eastern Ghouta as they unfolded.


    While the Syrian regime continues the process of eliminating its chemical arsenal, the irony is that, after Assad’s stockpile of precursor agents is destroyed, al-Nusra and its Islamist allies could end up as the only faction inside Syria with access to the ingredients that can create sarin, a strategic weapon that would be unlike any other in the war zone. There may be more to negotiate.

  • Edward Snowden sharpened his hacking skills in Delhi - The Times of India

    BANGALORE: The hacker who shook the US intelligence machinery and had world leaders railing against Washington for spying on them picked up crucial skills in India. Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency contractor-turned-whistleblower, spent a week in New Delhi training in core Java programming and advanced ethical hacking. It’s this training that got him certified as an EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA).

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  • US and UK struck secret deal to allow NSA to ’unmask’ Britons’ personal data | World news | The Guardian

    In the first explicit confirmation that UK citizens have been caught up in US mass surveillance programs, an NSA memo describes how in 2007 an agreement was reached that allowed the agency to “unmask” and hold on to personal data about Britons that had previously been off limits.

    The memo, published in a joint investigation by the Guardian and Britain’s Channel 4 News, says the material is being put in databases where it can be made available to other members of the US intelligence and military community.

    Britain and the US are the main two partners in the ’Five-Eyes’ intelligence-sharing alliance, which also includes Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Until now, it had been generally understood that the citizens of each country were protected from surveillance by any of the others.

    But the #Snowden material reveals that:

    • In 2007, the rules were changed to allow the #NSA to analyse and retain any British citizens’ mobile phone and fax numbers, emails and IP addresses swept up by its dragnet. Previously, this data had been stripped out of NSA databases – “minimized”, in intelligence agency parlance – under rules agreed between the two countries.

    • These communications were “incidentally collected” by the NSA, meaning the individuals were not the initial targets of surveillance operations and therefore were not suspected of wrongdoing.

    • The NSA has been using the UK data to conduct so-called “pattern of life” or “contact-chaining” analyses, under which the agency can look up to three “hops” away from a target of interest – examining the communications of a friend of a friend of a friend. Guardian analysis suggests three hops for a typical Facebook user could pull the data of more than 5 million people into the dragnet.

    • A separate draft memo, marked top-secret and dated from 2005, reveals a proposed NSA procedure for spying on the citizens of the UK and other Five-Eyes nations, even where the partner government has explicitly denied the US permission to do so. The memo makes clear that partner countries must not be informed about this surveillance, or even the procedure itself.
    The document does not say whether the UK Liaison Office, which is operated by #GCHQ, discussed this rule change with government ministers in London before granting approval, nor who within the intelligence agencies would have been responsible for the decision.

    • Vu via, beaucoup moins détaillé et moins précis : les autorités britanniques ? justement on ne sait pas si c’est interne au GCHQ ou si la décision est remontée au niveau politique (cf. ci-dessus)

      La Grande-Bretagne a autorisé l’espionnage de ses citoyens par la NSA

      L’agence américaine de renseignement a pu espionner des citoyens britanniques grâce à un accord secret avec les autorités du Royaume-Uni, selon des documents communiqués par Edward Snowden et révélés mercredi 19 novembre par le quotidien britannique The Guardian et la télévision Channel 4.
      Les autorités britanniques ont donné leur feu vert en 2007 pour que les données concernant les contacts téléphoniques, les liaisons Internet et les courriers électroniques des Britanniques puissent être archivées et analysées par la NSA, selon ces informations.

  • How a 30-year-old lawyer exposed NSA mass surveillance of Americans—in 1975

    US intelligence agencies have sprung so many leaks over the last few years—black sites, rendition, drone strikes, secret fiber taps, dragnet phone record surveillance, Internet metadata collection, PRISM, etc, etc—that it can be difficult to remember just how truly difficult operations like the NSA have been to penetrate historically. Critics today charge that the US surveillance state has become a self-perpetuating, insular leviathan that essentially makes its own rules under minimal oversight. Back in 1975, however, the situation was likely even worse. The NSA literally “never before had an oversight relationship with the Congress.” Creating that relationship fell to an unlikely man: 30 year old lawyer L. Britt Snider, who knew almost nothing about foreign intelligence.


    • Et moi qui croyait avoir lu dans la presse que la surveillance systématique d’internet pour quiconque en trouvait le moyen technique avait existé de toute éternité.

      Sans même parler d’Echelon, qui remonte quand même à il y a quinze ans de cela, d’où selon vous pouvait provenir le m1X3D cAZe L33t SpE4k des à-coeur ?

      Mais peut-être voulez-vous dire que ceux qui prétendaient aider le peuple à s’émanciper grâce à internet n’étaient pas conscients de les livrer pieds et poings aux chiens de garde du Capital ? Vraiment ?

  • America’s hidden agenda in Syria’s war - The National

    Then, by the rebel commander’s account, the discussion took an unexpected turn.

    The Americans began discussing the possibility of drone strikes on Al Nusra camps inside Syria and tried to enlist the rebels to fight their fellow insurgents.

    “The US intelligence officer said, ’We can train 30 of your fighters a month, and we want you to fight Al Nusra’,” the rebel commander recalled.

    Opposition forces should be uniting against Mr Al Assad’s more powerful and better-equipped army, not waging war among themselves, the rebel commander replied. The response from a senior US intelligence officer was blunt.

    “I’m not going to lie to you. We’d prefer you fight Al Nusra now, and then fight Assad’s army. You should kill these Nusra people. We’ll do it if you don’t,” the rebel leader quoted the officer as saying.

  • US official: Israel did not notify US before Syria raids | JPost | Israel News

    The US was not given any warning before air strikes in Syria against what Western and Israeli officials say were weapons headed for Hezbollah militants, a US intelligence official said on Sunday.

    Without confirming that Israel was behind the attacks, the US intelligence official said that the United States was essentially told of the air raids “after the fact” and was notified as the bombs went off.

    Selon Micah Zenko, qui donne ce lien , c’est probablement le cas.

  • False Flag Chemical Attack on Syria - - Breaking Censored News, World, Independent, Liberal News | - Breaking Censored News, World, Independent, Liberal News

    It doesn’t surprise. On April 27, WikiLeaks Supporters Forum headlined “Syria False Flag Chemical Weapons – Obama sets up America for invasion,” saying:

    US intelligence “actively promot(es)” a false flag attack. Assad’s wrongfully blamed. Obama’s heading closer to full-scale intervention.

    Britain’s “David Cameron demonstrates a willingness to assist the US military and Intelligence agenda.” UK controlled “BBC obediently falls into line, assisting in disseminating (false) information.”

    US media scoundrels are worst of all. More on that below.

    A previous article discussed hacked emails. They revealed Washington’s approved plan to stage a false flag Syrian chemical attack.

  • Secret US documents show Brennan’s ‘no civilian drone deaths’ claim was false: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

    US intelligence officials were aware that at least one civilian had died in drone strikes in Pakistan during 2011, despite claims to the contrary made by the man now running the Central Intelligence Agency.

    In June 2011, John Brennan, at the time President Obama’s chief counter terrorism adviser, stated publicly that for ‘almost a year’ no civilian had died in US drone strikes in Pakistan.

    But leaked US intelligence documents obtained by news agency McClatchy show this was not true.

    • An Inconvenient Truth
      Finally, proof that the United States has lied in the drone wars.

      Jonathan Landay, national security reporter at McClatchy Newspapers, has provided the first analysis of drone-strike victims that is based upon internal, top-secret U.S intelligence reports

      It is the most important reporting on U.S. drone strikes to date because Landay, using U.S. government assessments, plainly demonstrates that the claim repeatedly made by President Obama and his senior aides — that targeted killings are limited only to officials, members, and affiliates of al Qaeda who pose an imminent threat of attack on the U.S. homeland — is false.


      It is important to note that the claim of a single civilian casualty is based on the CIA’s interpretation that any military-age males who are behaving suspiciously can be lawfully targeted . No U.S. government official has ever openly acknowledged the practice of such “signature strikes” because it is so clearly at odds with the bedrock principle of distinction required for using force within the laws of armed conflict. According to the documents reviewed by Landay, even the U.S. intelligence community does not necessarily know who it has killed; it is forced to use fuzzy categories like “other militants” and “foreign fighters.”

      Some of the drone strikes that Landay describes, such as a May 22, 2007 attack requested by Pakistan’s intelligence service to support Pakistani troops in combat, do not appear in the databases maintained by the New America Foundation, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, or Long Wars Journal . This should strengthen the concerns of many analysts about the accuracy of reporting from Pakistan’s tribal areas. It also suggests that there may be a few additional targeted killing efforts of which we know nothing.


      ...based on the Obama administration’s patterns of behavior, the Department of Justice will assuredly target Landay and his sources for leaking classified information. While the DOJ has refrained from plugging the many selective leaks by anonymous administration officials that praise the precision and efficacy of drone strikes, it has sought more criminal prosecutions of leaks in Obama’s first term than during all previous presidential administrations combined. (...) Absolutely nothing in Landay’s reporting reveals the CIA’s sources and methods for determining who had been killed.

      Three key lessons from the Obama administration’s drone lies -

      (1) The Obama administration often has no idea who they are killing.


      (2) Whisteblowers are vital for transparency and accountability, which is precisely why the Obama administration is waging a war on them.


      (3) Secrecy ensures both government lies and abuses of power.


    • Sequestering the War on Terror : The New Yorker

      Questions capitales:

      The logic is deeply troubling. Are drone strikes a diplomatic chit? Do we call someone dangerous because he gets in the way of what we’ve persuaded ourselves we need to do somewhere? If it was necessary to get a foreign leader to help us with a war, could we, by the same reasoning, kill someone who was merely a political threat—or a political figure who, say, by rallying domestic opposition to drone strikes in a foreign country, we’d decided was helping Al Qaeda?

    • Rights Groups Question Legality of Targeted Killing -

      .... efforts on Thursday by Representative Jan Schakowsky, Democrat of Illinois, to get John O. Brennan, formerly the president’s counterterrorism adviser and now the C.I.A. director, to discuss strike policies during a hearing of the House Intelligence Committee went nowhere.


      Ms. Schakowsky was prompted to question Mr. Brennan in part by an article this week by McClatchy News Service reporting that it had obtained classified government documents showing that the drone strikes had killed hundreds of low-level suspected militants whose identities were not known. The article suggested that the documents undercut assertions by Mr. Obama and his aides.

      “There are a lot of things that are printed in the press that are inaccurate, in my mind, and misrepresent the facts,” Mr. Brennan said. When Ms. Schakowsky pressed the point, he said, “I’m not going to engage in any type of discussion on that here today, congresswoman.”

  • Asia Times Online :: Syria : Waiting for someone named Obama

    Even as German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who was on a visit to China, diverted himself to Istanbul in a mission on Saturday aimed at tamping down Turkish-Syrian tensions, Der Spiegel calmly reported that the information about the “non-civilian cargo”, which led to the interception of a Syrian aircraft by the Turkish Air Force the previous Wednesday night, was actually passed on to Ankara by US intelligence.

    Furthermore, Der Spiegel disclosed authoritatively, “Ankara only forced the plane to land after close contact with its Western allies.”

    The question naturally arises: Was it an incident that had been choreographed by Washington with a view to change the dynamics of the Syrian situation? Stranger ways have been found to kick-start wars in history. Or did the United States have another motive?

    The pattern of the rhetoric may give some clues. Russia, of course, vehemently and promptly denied that it had violated international law. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in fact, gave a detailed explanation as if he were pleading with the Turks not to be taken in by whatever they might have heard:

    In the wake of all sorts of insinuations spread in connection with the Syrian jet’s landing, I’d like to stress we don’t have secrets in this respect. We’ve cleared out the situation and the truth is that, quite naturally, the jet was not carrying any weapons and certainly couldn’t be carrying them.

    The cargo was supplied by a legal Russian supplier in a legitimate way to a legal customer. It’s electric engineering equipment for a radar station, a dual-purpose equipment that isn’t forbidden by any international conventions. Airway bills for it were filled out in strict compliance with international requirements. Transportation of these cargoes by civil-aviation jets is normal practice, and this is confirmed by the fact the Turkish authorities offered the crew either to change the route or to land in Ankara before it entered Turkey’s airspace.The captain decided to land because he knew the crew wasn’t doing anything illegal.

    Interestingly, the Turkish side has pointedly refused to take issue with Moscow’s narrative. The Turkish statement was actually evasive and loquacious - to the effect that Ankara had acted on the basis of “information that the plane was carrying cargo of a nature that could not possibly be in compliance with the rules of civil aviation”.

  • Google Admits Handing over European User Data to US Intelligence Agencies

    Google has admitted complying with requests from US intelligence agencies for data stored in its European data centers, most likely in violation of European Union data protection laws.

    Gordon Frazer, Microsoft UK’s managing director, made news headlines some weeks ago when he admitted that Microsoft can be compelled to share data with the US government regardless of where it is hosted in the world.

    At the center of this problem is the USA PATRIOT ACT, which states that companies incorporated in the United States must hand over data administered by their foreign subsidiaries if requested.

    Not only that, but they can be forced to keep quiet about it in order to avoid exposing active investigations and alert those targeted by the probes.

    This situation poses a serious problem for companies like Microsoft, Google or Amazon, which offer cloud services around the world, because their subsidiaries must also respect local laws.

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  • Nouvelle conférence de presse de Hassan Nasrallah.

    À la 30e minute, document explosif : une vidéo montrant Gehrard Lehmann, le second de Detlev Mehlis dans l’enquête sur l’assassinat de Hariri, encaissant un pot de vin pour révéler des informations sur l’enquête. C’est proprement sidérant. (Si j’ai bien compris, ces images sont complétées par des enregistrements audio.)

    Évidemment, vous n’entendez pas plus parler de ce document en France que vous n’avez entendu parler des précédents enregistrements mettant directement en cause l’enquête internationale.

    Mise à jour, août 2011 : la vidéo réfèrencée initialement n’est plus en ligne. On trouve désormais une version doublée en anglais, découpée en plusieurs parties :

    #liban #hezbollah #tsl

    • Hizbollah leader rules out arrests of members -

      Mr Nasrallah said the international committee investigating the killing had shipped 97 computers used in the probe via the Jewish state. He also aired a video purporting to show a senior tribunal official taking bank notes from a man seated with his back to the camera.
      The Hizbollah leader alleged that the tribunal official was being paid for information about the probe. He also alleged links between top tribunal officials and western. intelligence agencies.


      Last year, Mr Nasrallah showed footage allegedly intercepted from spy planes, which seemed to show Israel monitoring the routes Hariri’s convoy took from parliament to his home in west Beirut. Hariri was killed in a bomb attack on his convoy in February 2005.

    • Hizballah Leader Stands Defiant Amidst Hariri Assassination Indictments - TIME,8599,2081285,00.html

      One of the clips featured Robert Baer, TIME’s intelligence analyst and a former CIA officer who operated in Beirut in the 1980s, who it claimed worked with the tribunal.

      Baer confirmed to that he had previously served as a consultant to the tribunal, but denied he had any continuing professional connections to the CIA and was confident that various US intelligence agencies had not cooperated “on an operational level” with the tribunal.

      “The CIA, for a fact, was not helping the tribunal. I know that,” he told “The Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA steadfastly refused to give any information [to the tribunal] on Mustafa Badreddine and all those other guys... they have been very wary about the tribunal’s case.”

      Another video clip apparently filmed by a hidden camera, showed Gerhard Lehmann, deputy to Detlev Mehlis, the first UN chief investigator in the Hariri case, receiving and riffling through a wad of bank notes. “Lehmann has ties to the Israelis and got paid in return for selling certain reports pertaining to the murder probe,” a voice-over said.

    • Nasrallah blasts STL, rejects arrest warrants - Daily Star

      The Hezbollah chief’s speech, which lasted over an hour, was interspersed with video presentations with evidence claiming to show how members of the STL had affiliations with Western intelligence agencies, including an Australian with alleged ties to a U.S. intelligence agency, a British investigator, claimed to be an expert on fighting Islamic terrorism, a former American officer, a French-Lebanese legal consultant for the STL who allegedly worked against the resistance and Robert Baer, who Nasrallah said was a CIA agent.

      Nasrallah also took aim at Gerhard Lehman, the former deputy president of the investigative committee in the case of the assassination of Hariri.

      “We will reveal a case ... where Lehman sold affidavits and confessions for money,” Nassrallah said before Al-Manar aired footage of Lehman allegedly receiving money in return for documents related to the investigation

    • Hezbollah chief says Hariri Court has ties with Western intelligence agencies

      Nasrallah revealed that one of the advisors to STL Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare was a top CIA agent that was tasked with tracking Hezbollah’s slain top military commander Imad Mughniyeh.

      Nasrallah also described investigators looking into the Hariri assassination and some of the STL staff as “biased and corrupted.”

      Nasrallah also showed footage of Gerhard Lehmann, top investigator in the United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission (UNIIIC) to inspect the Hariri assassination, receiving a sum of money for information on the investigation he divulged.

      The black-turbaned cleric questioned the reason why the UNIIIC shipped 97 computers to The Hague from Israel rather than regular routes such as the Lebanese port and airport. He also showed a voucher issued from the Israeli Customs to that effect.

    • Nasrallah implies Israel behind Hariri murder - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

      Speaking on Saturday in a telelvised speech, Nasrallah said that computers related to the case investigated by the STL were transported through Israel on their way out of Lebanon and asked why they had not been shipped out of a Beirut port?

      He said Hezbollah would produce a document that proving the computers were transported from South Lebanon to Israel.

      Speaking from Beirut, Jamal Wakim of the Lebanese International University told Al Jazeera that the charges over computer data were “the most important point” in the speech.


      Nasrallah also revealed that he had received a document from the Qatari prime minister and Turkey’s foreign minister, which stated that Saad Hariri, the son of Rafik who was toppled as Lebanon’s prime minister earlier this year, had agreed to a set of demands, including abandoning the STL process, if he could stay on as premier.

      Nasrallah said he would reveal the document to the public at a later date if the need arose, but that the message conveyed to him was that it was approved by the Saudis, French, British and US.

    • AFP: Hezbollah rules out arrests in ’void’ UN Hariri case

      He accused the STL of corruption and of having intentionally leaked information to the press in recent years to tarnish the image of Hezbollah, founded in 1982.

      In elaborately edited segments, the Hezbollah-controlled Al-Manar television aired footage which Nasrallah said showed former UN investigator Gerhard Lehmann receiving a wad of cash in exchange for documents in the Hariri case.

      Al-Manar also aired a document which Nasrallah said proved investigators had transferred IT equipment across Lebanon’s southern border into Israel when it moved its staff to the Netherlands in 2009.

    • Daily Star - Bellemare team have links to Western intelligence agencies

      Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said that Special Tribunal for Lebanon Daniel Bellemare’s team of consultants and investigators have ties to Western intelligence agencies. 

      Al-Manar TV revealed what it claimed was detailed information about the five members of Bellemare’s team who had previously worked as intelligence agents in Lebanon, including one who was CIA agent.

    • Il est très spectaculaire de constater que nombre d’autres journalistes relatent le même discours de Nasrallah, mais semblent n’y avoir pas vu aucune des innombrables vidéos qui constituent pourtant l’essentiel de la conférence de presse.

      Dans les médias suivants, le sujet est bien la conférence de presse de Nasrallah, mais il n’est fait rigoureusement aucune mention des documents et accusations présentés par Nasrallah et qui en constituent le thème et le contenu principaux.

      BBC News - Hezbollah reject Hariri arrest calls

      Voice of America - Hezbollah Rules Out Arrests in Hariri Murder Case

      Hizbollah rules out arrests |

      Hizballah Defends Hariri Suspects in Lebanon - Bassem Mroue (AP/TIME),8599,2081272,00.html

      Hezbollah leader rejects Hariri court indict... JPost (Reuters)

      Hezbollah leader says Israel was behind Hariri killing -

    • En français, sur Google News, je ne trouve que 3 articles. Spectaculaire encore, aucun n’évoque les éléments présentés par Nasrallah.

      Liban : Le Hezbollah exclut l’arrestation de quatre suspects de son mouvement | International |

      Nasrallah dénonce les mandats émis par le Tribunal sur le Liban - (Reuters)

      Mort de Hariri : Nasrallah exclut l’arrestation de 4 suspects du Hezbollah - Fil news - TF1 News

    • Autant aller à la source : voici le compte-rendu qu’en fait la chaîne de télé du Hezbollah. Je le reproduis intégralement, histoire de corriger quelques coquilles dans certains noms.

      Dans la première réaction du Hezbollah, sur la remise de l’acte d’accusation lié à l’assassinat de l’ancien Premier ministre Rafic Hariri, le secrétaire général du Hezbollah, sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, a exclu l’arrestation des quatre accusés cités dans les mandats d’arrêt.

      « Ce tribunal est pour nous un pur produit israélo-américain. Sur cette base-là, nous rejetons ce tribunal et tous les verdicts et les accusations nuls et non avenus qui en émanent ». « Aucune force ne pourra arrêter ceux qui sont mentionnés dans l’acte d’accusation (...). Il ne sera pas possible de les arrêter ni dans 30 jours, ni dans 30 ans ni dans 300 ans », a affirmé sayyed Nasrallah, dans un discours de plus d’une heure retransmis en direct par la télévision, Al-Manar.

      Sayyed Nasrallah a également mis en relief, documents et vidéos à l’appui, la corruption des enquêteurs et leurs liaisons avec des services de renseignements étrangers, notamment la CIA. Il a également révélé le transfert de 97 ordinateurs vers l’entité sioniste. Sayyed Nasrallah a enfin écarté toute possibilité de nouvelle guerre civile ou d’affrontements entre musulmans sunnites et chiites.

      Voici les principaux points de son discours :

      La raison de mon discours est la publication de l’acte d’accusation à l’encontre des résistants ayant un passé honorable dans la résistance contre l’occupation israélienne au Liban. Cet acte d’accusation fait partie d’un long trajet qui a commencé à paraitre après la défaite d’Israël en été 2006. Quelques jours après la victoire de la résistance, Le Figaro a publié un article dans lequel il annonce que des membres du Hezbollah seront accusés dans l’assassinat de Rafic Hariri. Ils ont commencé par la Syrie, puis les quatre généraux (libanais), et après ils nous ont accusé. L’objectif du Tribunal Spécial pour le Liban (TSL), est de ternir l’image de la résistance et a pour objectif de semer la division au Liban, et entre sunnites et chiites.

      L’Enquête et les enquêteurs

      Un de nos problématiques concernant l’enquête est qu’il se base sur une hypothèse, la Syrie, les généraux et le Hezbollah. Pourquoi ils ne prennent pas en en considération l’hypothèse de l’implication israélienne dans l’assassinat de l’ancien Premier ministre. J’avais présenté plusieurs preuves concernant la présence d’espions et d’avions israéliens au dessus du Saint-Georges (lieu de l’attentat).

      Mais le procureur général du tribunal les a ignorées, se contentant de demandant une copie de la conférence (tenue par sayyed Nasrallah). Au lieu de d’interroger les israéliens ils ont coopéré avec eux, c’est ce qu’a reconnu (le juge) Detlev Mehlis, dans une interview avec Le Figaro, il en est de même pour (son adjoint) Gerhard Lehman.

      Transfert de 97 ordinateurs vers Israël

      Après le début du travail du TSL, les enquêteurs et les équipements de la commission d’enquête ont été évacués du Liban. Le tribunal n’a plus qu’un bureau au Liban, tous ont quitté via l’aéroport de Beyrouth, à l’exception des 97 ordinateurs. Ces ordinateurs ont été transférés chez qui en Israël, surtout qu’il est l’un des pays les plus développés au niveau de la technologie.

      Preuves à l’appui

      Lors de son discours, la chaine AlManar diffuse un document signé par le secteur douanier israélien affirmant le transfert des 97 ordinateurs liés à l’enquête vers Israël.

      Liaisons des enquêteurs avec la CIA

      Pour la crédibilité de l’enquête le tribunal aurait dû adopter des enquêteurs neutres, or les experts, les officiers et les conseillers du tribunal ont des passés négatifs à l’encontre de la résistance et dans la collaboration avec la CIA.

      Un des grands officiers de la CIA a travaillé 15 ans contre le Hezbollah et a participé au massacre de Bir Abed en 1984, qui visait le défunt sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, et a coûté la vie à près de cent personnes.

      Documents à l’appui

      Lors de son discours, la télévision Al-Manar a diffusé des informations sur Nick Kaldas, un des enquêteurs qui est un des officiers dans la police australienne, lié aux services de renseignements américains, il a travaillé pour les Américains en Irak en 2004.

      Michael Taylor, britannique, responsable de l’enquête du TSL depuis 2010, il est un ancien chef des services de renseignements britanniques, il est spécialisé dans la lutte contre contre le « terrorisme islamique ».

      Doreid Bouchrawi, conseiller juridique dans le TSL, un libano-français, connu pour ses positions hostiles au Hezbollah et son rôle dans les faux-témoins.

      Robert Baer, un des officiers de la CIA, expert dans les mouvements islamiques notamment le Hezbollah. En 1985, il a participé à l’assassinat de Sayyed Fadlallah tuant et blessant plus de 300 personnes. Une de ses missions consistait à traquer l’un des dirigeants de la résistance Imad Moghniyé. Il a avoué, dans une interview avec une chaine arabe, d’avoir travaillé près de 15 ans pour le kidnapper.

      Cette équipe est-elle compétente ? Certains d’entre eux sont des assassins ou espions et la plupart d’entre eux collaborent avec la CIA. Cette équipe pourrait accepter l’hypothèse de l’implication d’Israël ?

      La corruption des enquêteurs

      La corruption vient s’ajouter à l’agressivité des enquêteurs et à leur subjectivité. Nous allons parlé du vice-president de la commission d’enquête Gerhard Lehman. Pour des dizaines de milliers de dollars il vend des documents liés à l’enquête.

      Preuves à l’appui

      Une vidéo montrant Lehman en train de prendre l’argent en échange de la vente des documents.

      Comme vous l’avez vu il est content en prenant l’argent. Il a même retéléphoné pour demander l’argent en échange d’autres informations liées à l’enquête.

      Implication de la commission d’enquête dans les faux-témoins

      Bellemare a personnellement travaillé à la levée de la poursuite par l’Interpol de Zouheir Siddiq (fameux faux-témoin). Je promets de présenter des preuves là-dessus plus tard.

      Antonio Cassesse grand ami d’Israël

      Le président du Tribunal, Antonio Cassesse, est un grand ami d’Israël selon l’un de ses amis lors de la conférence Herziliya (institut sioniste d’études politiques et stratégiques).

      Vidéo à l’appui

      Le 3 fév. 2010, lors de la conférence Herzilya, le professeur américain George Fletcher, dit : Antonio Cassesse n’a pas pu venir participer à cette conférence, il est l’un des grands amis d’Israël et un de nos amis.

      En 2006, Cassesse envoie une lettre adressée aux autorités israéliennes dans laquelle il affirme qu’Israël est la seul pays démocratique dans la région, et qui respecte les droits de l’Homme. Dans cette lettre Cassesse reconnait qu’Israël a occupé Gaza mais considère que les gazaouis ont eu recours à la violence et au terrorisme.

      Sayyed commente les positions de Cassesse

      Les 11000 détenus par Israël, les massacres israéliens au Liban et ailleurs font partie du respect des droits de l’Homme. Comment un homme pareil serait-il compétent de trouver la vérité dans l’assassinat de Hariri ?

      Position du Hezbollah à l’égard de l’acte d’accusation

      Aux gens :

      Je dis aux gens ne prêtez pas l’oreille à ce que les Israéliens disent aujourd’hui du Liban. Il n’y aura pas de zizanie entre Libanais et entre les sunnites et chiites. Il n’y aura pas de guerre civile.

      Aux forces du 14 mars :

      Ne faites pas porter la responsabilité de ce dossier à Mikati. S’il y avait ajourd’hui un gouvernement qui n’est pas présidé par Mikati mais par Saad Hariri ou Siniora, est-ce que ce gouvernement pourraient arrêter ces personnes ? Aucune force ne pourra arrêter ceux qui sont mentionnés dans l’acte d’accusation (...) Il ne sera pas possible de les arrêter ni dans 30 jours, ni dans 30 ans ni dans 300 ans. Les choses iront jusqu’au procès par contumace, le verdict est déjà prêt. Donc ne demandez pas du gouvernement de Mikati ce qu’il est incapable de faire et il en est de même pour vous.

      Lettre signée par Saad Hariri en échange de rester au pouvoir

      Ne demandez pas au gouvernement de Mikati ce que Saad Hariri a accepté de faire en échange de rester au pouvoir. Si vous voulez (députés du 14 mars) je vous envoie une copie dans ce sens. Le Premier ministre qatarie et le ministre des affaires étrangère turc nous ont livré ce document accepté par Hariri, les français, le turcs, les syriens et même Clinton étaient prêts à le signer, mais nous l’avons refusé pour des raisons nationales.

      Aux sympathisants de la résistance

      Ne vous inquiétez pas, c’est une partie de la guerre que la résistance affronte depuis la création de l’entité sioniste en 1948. Ce sont les conséquences du choix de la résistance et de la libération de la Palestine. Nous sommes déterminés à poursuivre le choix de la résistance avec courage et force. Il y a certains qui veulent vous provoquer, il y a certains politiciens au Liban qui veulent la divisions, je veux le dire, il y a certains chrétiens des forces du 14 mars qui rêvent de voir une division entre sunnites et chiites. Enfin, cette résistance – avant le tribunal, Cassesse et Mellis et tous ceux qui les soutiennent – va très bien et ne vous inquiétez pas pour elle.

    • Angry Arab – Nasrallah speech: the Hariri tribunal saga

      Nasrallah’s speech yesterday was full of drama. As a TV show, it was quite effective. I polled my readers on Facebook and they were uniformly impressed (and most of those who contribute on my wall are rather secular). But make no mistake about it: it is doubtful that he won new converts inside Lebanon: minds are made, and nothing can change them in the sectarianly divided lousy homeland.

      There was a skillful use of images and music and short clips and texts. It was well-prepared, but not as well-prepared as it would have been. There were sections that had high drama of documentation, but there were other sections that had no documentation or evidence. So it was mixed.

      He was (unlike appearances from the last two years) relaxed and not agitated or angry. He came across as confident. So it worked well, for his own home front, and for those who support resistance against Israel. And even for the community of the Hariri camp: public opinion surveys do indicate that the credibility of the court has been declining among Sunnis and Christians. Suspicion of Israel is very common (and justified, of course). But I am not necessarily convinced that the Israel killed Hariri: Israel should be the most usual suspect for any and every crime in our region given its long consistent record of crimes, atrocities and murders. But I still believe that Hariri was good for Israel, and that Israel would have benefited from his reign, especially that his son is such an incompetent fool, literally really.

      Nasrallah began by revealing information about the military consultants to the court. This is information that we did not know at all. He basically said that those military men are linked to US intelligence, but here he failed to provide any evidence or documentation.

      He then dwelled on the case of Robert Baer: and he revealed (I never knew this before) that he is a consultant to the court. Now that in itself is damning. That this guy whose official job in Lebanon was to chase and hunt down key Hizbullah figures is assigned to advise the court on its work. Most incredible. Imagine if the UN team that investigated Israeli war crimes in Gaza hired Khalid Mish`al or his security adviser as a consultant to the UN team. Very damning indeed. (Personally, I think that Baer is an interesting writer but tends to exaggerate, and his list of languages that he claims he knows, makes me even more skeptical about his tall tales. But his first book is a good read: the one on Saudi Arabia has nothing new, although I appreciate his criticisms of US foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia. On Israel, I find Baer to be inconsistent: he speaks one way to Fox News, and another way to Arab media). But that section of the speech was revealing in terms of names but needed further documentation (like what is the evidence that the Egyptian-Australian military guy works closely with the Americans?).

      Then Nasrallah provided a most unusual document: a copy of a Israeli custom manifest that shows the transfer of 97 computers. Nasrallah claimed that the Hariri investigating team in Beirut, decided to transfer their computers through Israel, for no apparent reason. But An-Nahar today, claimed in response that this document talks about computers belonging to the Armistice committees and not to the Hariri investigating team. An-Nahar (the right-wing, sectarian Christian, racist anti-Syrian (people), anti-Palestinian (people), must have been tipped off by Israel. But still: what people will see in this section is the wide reach of Hizbullah intelligence. Living in the era of the failures of Arab intelligence against Israel, this ability to obtain a copy of Israeli custom document will impress the hell out of Arab audiences who were glued to the screen.

      Nasrallah then talked about the pro-Israeli biases of the president of the Hariri tribunal, Antonio Cassese. Here, the finding was due to pure diligence of Hizbullah researchers: through thorough google work, they stumbled upon a document in which Cassese advises the Israeli government and makes clear his admiration fo the terrorist state of Israel. He then showed a clip from a “security” conference in Israel, where the chair of one panel identified Cassesse as “great friend of Israel.” That, to me, and to any fair minded person, is damning enough to disqualify the guy. Imagine, again, if the UN appoints a judge to a panel investigating some Israeli crime, and puts a guy as president who was identified by a Hizbullah official as “great friend of Hizbullah.” This is rather absurd that the US/Israel (which in my mind run the affair of the Hariri tribunal) would appoint such a person, and not think that Arabs (who they view as dumb) would find out.

      And there was a Candid Camera moment in the show when a clip showed deputy to Mehlis, Gerhard Lehmann, taking a bribe for his sale of audio-tapes (they were subsequently sold to New TV in Beirut).

      There are so many holes dug into the case that, no matter who was guilty, the Justice Department would have dismissed the case if this was run here in the US. No evidence can now save the reputation of the court. Also, no one in the US media mentions, but so many people have resigned from the court in the last few years.

      PS. Nada Bakri (who is a fine and fair reporter on Lebanon) did not mention any of the content of Nasrallah speech in her piece today. She, like those articles in Saudi-funded Arabic press, merely mentioned that he rejected the indictment.