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  • #Cablegate : #Hillary_Clinton découvre que les dettes, ça a un poids politique. Évoquant la #Chine en mars 2009, qui détient une importante partie des bonds du trésor émis par les États-Unis, elle se demande : « Comment peut-on tenir tête à son banquier ? »

    Sujet traité par le Guardian :

    Hillary Clinton’s question : how can we stand up to Beijing ?

    Hillary Clinton revealed America’s deep anxiety over China’s growing economic power and hold on US finances by asking Australia’s then prime minister: “How do you deal toughly with your banker?”

    The question, at a lunch with Kevin Rudd last March and reported in a US Department of State cable, underscores the evolving and often difficult relationship between the world’s superpower and an increasingly mighty China. It is the largest holder of US treasury bonds, with around $870bn. Tensions are also highlighted in an economic dispatch, written by the US ambassador to Beijing last January, warning of a “rough” year for relations between the two countries and accusing China of hubris.

    Et le câble en question :

    PM Rudd said Chinese Politburo member Li Changchun had indicated Chinese leaders viewed the Secretary’s recent visit to Beijing as a success and felt they could deal with the Obama Administration. The Secretary affirmed the U.S. desire for a successful China, with a rising standard of living and improving democracy at a pace Chinese leaders could tolerate, noting the impressive achievements in Chinese democracy at the village level. We wanted China to take more responsibility in the global economic sphere, create more of a social safety net for its people, and construct a better regulatory framework for the goods China manufactures. The Secretary also noted the challenges posed by China’s economic rise, asking, “How do you deal toughly with your banker?”