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  • L’incroyable geste de remerciement d’une chimpanzée remise en liberté

    Fin 2013, une équipe de l’Institut Jane Goodall a réintroduit une femelle chimpanzé sur l’île de Tchindzoulou après que cette dernière ait frôlé la mort. Avant de s’échapper dans la forêt, l’animal a montré un incroyable geste de remerciement à ses sauveteurs. L’incroyable geste de remerciement d’un chimpanzé remis en liberté par Gentside Découverte Un comportement aussi incroyable que profondément touchant. C’est ce à quoi a assisté la célèbre primatologue Jane Goodall. Depuis plus de 50 ans, la Britannique étudie les chimpanzés et parcourt le monde pour sensibiliser sur les menaces qui pèsent sur ses primates. En 1977, elle a ainsi créé le Jane Goodall Institute (...)


  • Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva: Why Women Are Key to Solving Climate Crisis | Alternet

    VANDANA SHIVA: The first thing is to bring it down from the stratosphere. I think one reason the climate movement on the grassroots has taken longer to grow than movements around biodiversity conservation or water, etc., is because everyone got so overwhelmed with the parts per million, and everyone was looking at the graphs and how they climb and the hockey stick. And looking at the hockey stick is something that is out of control. There’s nothing you can do. But every emission begins on the ground. And every mitigation and adaptation action is on the ground. That’s why I wrote my book, Soil Not Oil. I was starting to feel worried that not only were we only dealing with the IPCC reports, that had kind of become the only place you could act, and go to the climate summits, but we were missing the biggest piece of where do greenhouse gas emissions come from.

    And I think if there’s one thing women can bring to this discussion, in addition to those beautiful words that Jane used of love and compassion, the capacity to have compassion is the capacity to see connections. That’s the disease that the deeply patriarchal mindset has not been able to overcome, that they can’t transcend fragmentation and separation and thinking in silos, and, worse, thinking as if we are separate from the Earth, and therefore, as masters and conquerors, there’s just another experiment of control that you need the freedom to have. And I think we need to give a message saying, no, the Earth was not made by you, therefore you can’t fool around further. You’ve already messed up enough. Stop these geo-engineering experiments.