• Iran conservatives reject cooperation with US against IS - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

    Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani became the latest Iranian official to speak in favor of cooperation between Iran and the United States on Sept. 8. When asked by Danish Channel 2 News reporters, who had accompanied the Danish foreign minister to a meeting with Rafsanjani in Tehran, about the matter, Rafsanjani said, “If America shows honesty, cooperation is possible.”

    However, during a press briefing on the same day, US State Department Spokesman Jen Psaki responded to a reporter’s question that Iran was not included in a 40-country coalition to fight IS.

    Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/09/iran-rejects-us-is-coalition.html#ixzz3DNv0lLrB

  • #Indonesia arrests four Turks, three citizens over #ISIS link

    Indonesia’s anti-terrorism police have arrested four Turks suspected of being linked to the Islamic State in #Iraq and #syria (ISIS) jihadist group, a spokesman said on Sunday. The elite Detachment 88 police squad arrested the men, along with three Indonesians, after tailing their car on Saturday in central Sulawesi district of Poso, a known hotbed for militant activity, Boy Rafli Amar told AFP. “They are Turkish,” Amar said, confirming the arrest and adding that the men were being investigated for their connection to the dreaded Islamist group. read more

  • Le chaos n’empêche plus de pomper... et d’exporter le brut libyen

    Libya sees oil production up to 1.5 mn bpd by year-end despite chaos - AFP, | Tripoli Thursday, 11 September 2014

    Libya said Wednesday it expects oil production to reach 1.5 million barrels per day by year-end, with output quadrupled since the beginning of the summer despite ongoing chaos in the country.

    “We will continue advancing,” National Oil Co spokesman Mohamed al-Hrari said.

    He said production had reached 810,000 barrels per day by Wednesday, compared with 550,000 at the end of August and 200,000 at the beginning of the summer.

    The next target is one million barrels per day by the end of September.

    Libya’s economy took a heavy hit after rebels blockaded export terminals in July 2013, forcing a reduction in output and slashing all-important oil revenues.

    The seizure of four terminals in pursuit of a campaign for restored autonomy for the eastern Cyrenaica region slashed output from 1.5 million bpd to just 200,000.

    Under a deal with the government, the rebels returned control of two terminals in April and the remaining two in July.

    Since then, output and exports have soared, despite unrest rocking a country that never regained stability following the 2011 ouster of long-time dictator Moamer Kadhafi. ❞

  • 7 Palestinians including baby girl killed in Israeli airstrikes | Maan News Agency
    Published 24/08/2014 15:49

    (...) The airstrikes early Sunday on Gaza brought the total death total in Israel’s massive assault to 2,111 with more than 10,500 injured, as the United Nations said that more than 460,000 Palestinians were still displaced and living in shelters across the densely packed coastal enclave.

    Five Palestinians were killed and dozens others were injured around noon as airstrikes continued to pound Gaza after two were killed overnight.

    An Israeli airstrike killed a teenage boy and a baby girl and injured five others in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip.

    Spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra confirmed that the bodies of 2-year-old Zeina Bilal Abu Taqiyya and 17-year-old Muhammad Wael al-Khudari were taken to al-Shifa hospital.

    Medical sources said that Muhammad al-Luqa was killed and another was injured in an Israeli airstrike on a motorcycle near al-Atatra Square in Beit Lahiya.

    At least one man was killed and 10 injured after an airstrike hit the home of the Tallini family in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip around noon.

    Medical sources said more bodies are believed to be buried under the wreckage of the house and rescue teams are still working in the area.

    An Israeli airstrike on a car in the vicinity of the Palestine Stadium in central Gaza, meanwhile, left the driver dead. A Ma’an reporter in Gaza quoted eyewitnesses as saying that a fire broke out in the car after it was hit directly by an Israeli missile. The driver was killed instantly and a number of bystanders were injured.

    Shortly before that, rescue teams recovered a dead body of a man from the rubble of Tallini family home in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

    Separately, an Israeli airstrike hit home of Nabhan family in the northern Gaza Strip injuring four.

    Early Sunday, witnesses said that Israeli aircraft targeted a group of people near the Fayrouz Towers in northwestern Gaza City, killing two and injuring 10.

    Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra identified the two casualties as Badr Hashim Abu Mnih and Yahya Abu al-Omareen , both in their twenties. They were taken to al-Shifa Hospital.

    Israeli aircraft also struck the largest commercial center in the southern city of Rafah, completely leveling a building with dozens of shops, two weeks after an office in the same building was hit.

    In western Gaza City, an Israeli airstrike hit the home of the al-Ghulayni family. No injuries were reported in the first strike, but a second strike that occurred soon after left six injured after it struck a crowd that gathered to survey the damage.

    An Israeli airstrike also targeted a house in the al-Barka neighborhood of Deir al-Balah without warning, leaving a number injured, in addition to a home in the al-Maghazi refugee camp which was also destroyed. Another Palestinian was injured after an Israeli airstrike hit the Beit Lahiya sports club.

    Israeli aircraft also launched dozens of air strikes on agricultural lands and open areas in different regions of the Gaza Strip.

  • #Gaza crisis: a closer look at Israeli strikes on #UNRWA schools | World | The Guardian

    Maghazi Prep School A & B
    Date: 21 July 2014

    Dead: 0 reported casualties

    Wounded: 1 child

    Sheltering: Approximately 1,000 internally displaced people prior to the first attack

    What happened: At approximately 4.55pm, the school was struck by explosive ordnance “believed to have been fired by Israeli forces.” – UNRWA statement

    Comment: “UNRWA condemns in the strongest possible terms the shelling of one of its schools in the central area of Gaza.” – UNRWA statement

    IDF comment: “We are carefully reviewing all of these incidents.”

    Maghazi Prep School A & B
    Date: 22 July 2014

    Dead: 0

    Wounded: 0

    Sheltering: Approximately 1,000 internally displaced people prior to the first attack

    What happened: At about 10.30am, as UNRWA officials at the school investigated the 21 July incident, “there was further shelling of the school, seriously endangering the lives of UN humanitarian workers and displaced civilians.” – UNRWA statement

    Comment: “This is a serious violation of United Nations’ premises that could have had far-reaching human consequences.” – Pierre Krähenbühl, commissioner-general of UNRWA

    IDF comment: “We are carefully reviewing all of these incidents.”

    Deir al-Balah Preparatory Girls School C
    Date: 23 July 2014

    Dead: 0

    Wounded: 5

    Sheltering: Approximately 1,500 internally displaced people

    What happened: the school was reportedly struck at 7.45am

    Comment: “This is the second time in three days that an UNRWA school has taken a direct hit from Israeli shelling and we again condemn this in the strongest possible terms.” – UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness

    IDF comment: “We are carefully reviewing all of these incidents.”

    Beit Hanoun Elementary Co-ed School A & D
    Date: 24 July 2014

    Dead: 15*

    Wounded: 200, mostly women and children

    Sheltering: Approximately 1,500 internally displaced people

    What happened: According to survivors, at about 2.50pm, as the playground was crowded with families waiting to be ferried to safety, one shell landed in the schoolyard, followed by several more rounds that hit the upper storeys of the building.

    Comment: “Today’s attack underscores the imperative for the killing to stop and to stop now.” – UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon

    IDF comment: The Israeli military first claimed, in a text sent to journalists, that the school could have been hit by Hamas missiles that fell short, reported the Guardian’s Peter Beaumont.

    IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner later said in an email to the Guardian: “In the matter of the Beit Hanoun school, the IDF encountered heavy fire in vicinity of the school, including anti-tank missile. We later determined that an errant mortar did indeed land in the empty courtyard of the school, backing this up with video evidence.”

    Additional: The Guardian’s Peter Beaumont reported from the scene: “There was no visible evidence of debris from broken Palestinian rockets in the school. The injuries and the number of fatalities were consistent with a powerful explosion that sent shrapnel tearing through the air, in some cases causing traumatic amputations. The surrounding neighbourhood bore evidence of multiple Israeli attacks, including smoke from numerous artillery rounds and air strikes. One building was entirely engulfed by flames.”

    We chose to use the number from the Guardian report, as the numbers of reported dead varied between 11 and 15.

    Zaitoun Preparatory Girls School B
    Date: 29 July 2014

    Dead: 0

    Wounded: 8

    Sheltering: Approximately 2,200 internally displaced people

    What happened: the school was reportedly struck

    IDF comment: “We are carefully reviewing all of these incidents.”

    Jabaliya Elementary Girls School A & B
    Date: 30 July 2014

    Dead: 21**

    Wounded: more than 100, including women and children

    Sheltering: Approximately 3,200 internally displaced people

    What happened: School in Jabaliya refugee camp was hit by five shells during a night of relentless bombardment across Gaza.


    “Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children. I condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms.” – UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon

    “The shelling of a UN facility, that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence, is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible.” – White House spokesman Josh Earnest

    “The world stands disgraced” – Pierre Krähenbühl, commissioner-general of UNRWA

    IDF Comment: “Regarding the UNRWA facility in Jabaliya, we have determined that an exchange of fire, including mortar fire, did indeed take place in the vicinity of the school.”


    “All available evidence points to Israeli artillery as the cause – Ban Ki-moon

    Damage “likely to have come from heavy artillery not designed for precision use … [the IDF] provided no evidence of [militant] activity and no explanation for the strike beyond saying that Palestinian militants were firing about 200 yards away.” – New York Times investigation.

    This New York Times investigation published several days after the strike occurred found the number of dead to be greater than that previously reported. We elected to use this number.

    Rafah Boys Preparatory School A
    Date: 3 August 2014

    Dead: 11, “five were children between 3 and 15 years old”

    Wounded: 27

    Sheltering almost 3,000 internally displaced people

    What happened: A projectile struck the ground 8-10 metres from open school gates at about 10.50am. Witnesses at the scene less than an hour after the explosion claimed it had been fired from one of the many unmanned Israeli drones. UN officials in Gaza described a “shelling incident” or an air strike.


    “The attack is yet another gross violation of international humanitarian law, which clearly requires protection by both parties of Palestinian civilians, UN staff and UN premises, among other civilian facilities. United Nations shelters must be safe zones not combat zones. The Israel Defence Forces have been repeatedly informed of the location of these sites. This attack, along with other breaches of international law, must be swiftly investigated and those responsible held accountable. It is a moral outrage and a criminal act.” – UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon

    IDF comment: “In the Rafah School incident, the IDF targeted three Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants on a motorbike outside of the school. The targeted strike did indeed neutralise the militants on the targeted motorbike.”

    #Israël #Israel #Crimes #victimes_civiles

  • LIVE UPDATES: Hamas: Israel tricked world into thinking soldier abducted - Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz

    3:50 P.M . Hamas spokesman in Gaza Sami Abu Zuhri accuses Israel of “tricking” the world by saying that 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin had been abducted, responding to the army’s announcement Sunday that Goldin had fallen in battle: “Israel tricked and deceived the world when it claimed Friday that a soldier had been abducted and then admitted that he had actually been killed in battle in Rafah. It did this only in order to breach the 72-hour cease-fire agreed upon with the UN and the U.S., in order to commit massacre in Rafah.” The organization called on UN Chief Ban Ki-moon and the international community to change the position it took on the matter, not that the “Zionist lies have been exposed.” (Jack Khoury)

  • Death toll in Gaza hits 1,088 as Israel resumes bombardment | Maan News Agency

    ’Eid of martyrs’

    There was little mood for celebration in Gaza City as the three-day festival of Eid al-Fitr that ends the holy fasting month of Ramadan got under way.

    Several hundred people arrived for early-morning prayers at the Al-Omari mosque, bowing and solemnly whispering their worship. But instead of going to feast with relatives, most went straight home while others went to pay their respects to the dead.

    Among them was Ahed Shamali whose 16-year-old son who was killed by a tank shell several days ago.

    “He was just a kid,” he said, standing by the grave. “This is the Eid of the martyrs.”

    The deaths continue

    Ministry of Health Spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra provided a continuing toll of the deaths and injuries across the Gaza Strip Monday night and Tuesday morning.

    The deaths and injuries are provided here in chronological order, with the most recent as the latest.

    Six Palestinians were killed in airstrike on two homes in the central Gaza Strip. He named the victims as Ramzy Hossein al-Far, 68, Salam Muhammad al-Far, 59, Issa Kamel Musa, 62, Abd al-Samad Mahmoud Ahmad Ramadan, 16, Ayman Adnan Musa Shokr, 25, and Azza Abd al-Karim al-Haman al-Falleit, 44.

    Fayeza Ahmad al-Futtah, 59 , succumbed to wounds she received earlier in the day in Jabaliya.

    Ali Hassan Hassan al-Huwwari, 31 , died as a result of wounds received on July 21.

    Mahmoud Abd al-Jalil Abu Kwik, 31 , and fife others were injured in Gaza City.

    Five Palestinians were killed and 20 injured in a strike near the Islamic University in Khan Younis. The dead were identified as Muhammad Jumaa Shaat, 30, Muhammad Fadhel al-Agha, Ahmad Nader al-Agha, Marwa Nader al-Agha, Dalia Nader al-Agha .

    Five were also killed and 20 injured in an Israeli strike on Khan Younis, which killed Najy Ahmad al-Raqqab, 19, Ramy Khaled al-Raqqab, 35, Mahmoud Osama al-Qosas, Shadi Abd al-Kareem Farwana, Mustafa Abd al-Samiee al-Ubadala.
    Five were killed, including three children elderly, and 50 were injured in shelling in Jabaliya. The dead were identified as Maryam Khalil Ruba, 70, Hani Abu Khalifah, a child named Yusef Emad Qaddoura, a child named Huna Emad Qaddoura, and another child named Muhammad Musa Alwan.

    18 were injured in strikes across the central and northern Gaza Strip.

    15 injured, mostly children, in an Israeli strike on Sheikh Radwan.

    Yahiya Mohammad Abdullah al-Aqqad, 49 , was killed and three more injured in a strike on al-Fakhari.

    AFP contributed to this report.

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BtqMXEUCIAEUWqU.jpg Baraa Muqdad , 5 ans

    • Killed Monday, July 28

      1.Samih Jebriel Jneid, 4, Jabalia.
      2.Mohammad Abu Louz, 22, Jabalia.
      3.Ahmad Abdullah Hasan Abu Zeid, Rafah.
      4.Widad Ahmad Salama Abu Zeid, Rafah.
      5.Sham’a Wael Abu Zeid, Rafah.
      6.Mariam Marzouq Abu Zeid, Rafah.
      7.Falasteen Mohammad Abu Zeid, Rafah.
      8.Abdullah Nidal Abu Zeid (child), Rafah.
      9.Bissan Eyad Abu Zeid, Rafah.
      10.Abdul-Hadi Abu Zeid (Child9, Rafah.
      11.Seham Najjar, 42, Khan Younis.
      12.Abdul-Samad Mahmoud Ahmad Ramadan, 16, Central District.
      13.Ayman Adnan Mousa Shaker, 25, Central District.
      14.Issa Kamel Abdul-Rahman Mousa, 61, Central District.
      15.Salem Mousa Badawi al-Far, 59, Central District.
      16.Ramzi Hussein Ahmad al-Far, Central District.
      17.Salem Mohammad al-Far, Central District.
      18.Azza Abdul-Karim Abdul-Rahman Al-Faleet, 59, Central District.
      19.Mohammad Jom’a Shaat, 30, Khan Younis.
      20.Mohammad Fadel al-‘Agha, 30, Khan Younis.
      21.Marwa Nader al-Agha, Khan Younis.
      22.Ahmad Nader Al-Agha, Khan Younis.
      23.Donia Nader al-Agha, 13, Khan Younis.

  • L’offensive ukrainienne se poursuit.

    Ukraine claims more territory as fight intensifies with rebels | Reuters

    Ukraine said on Monday its troops had wrested more territory from pro-Russian rebels, advancing towards the site where Malaysian flight MH17 was brought down, which international investigators said they could not reach because of the fighting.

    Ukrainian officials said troops had recaptured two rebel-held towns near the crash site and were trying to take the village of Snezhnoye, near where Kiev and Washington say rebels fired the surface-to-air missile that shot down the airliner with loss of all 298 on board.
    A spokesman for Ukraine’s Security Council, Andriy Lysenko, said Kiev was trying to close in on the crash site and force the rebels out of the area but was not conducting military operations in the immediate vicinity.

    He said Ukrainian troops were now in the towns of Torez and Shakhtarsk, both formerly held by the rebels, while fighting was in progress for Snezhnoye and Pervomaisk. The towns are all located in rolling countryside near the wheat and sunflower fields filled with debris from the downed airliner.

    Government troops were also readying an assault on Gorlovka, a rebel stronghold north of the provincial capital Donetsk.

    The Ukrainian military is conducting an active assault on regions under temporary control of Russian mercenaries,” Lysenko told a news conference in Kiev.

  • #Libya oil official : #Tripoli airport blaze « out of control »

    The huge fire from fuel tanks near Tripoli’s international airport that has been ignited by rockets attack is out of control as clashes between rival militias have resumed in the area, the National Oil Company (NOC) spokesman said on Monday. “It is out of control. The second tank has been hit and the firefighters have withdrawn from the site as the fighting has resumed in the area”, NOC spokesman Mohamed Al-Harrai told Reuters. (Reuters)

  • Amid Gaza ceasefire calm, 135 dead bodies found | Maan News Agency

    (...) Ambulances, rescue teams, and families fanned out across the coastal enclave to search for the injured and for loved ones, particularly in the eastern outskirts that have been subject to intense Israeli fire in recent days.

    Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said at 7:00 p.m. that 135 dead bodies had been pulled out of the rubble so far.

    Only two of the bodies have been identified thus far, he said, naming them as Abdul-Rahman Audah al-Tilbani and Arafat Abu Aweily . The two came as six bodies were found early Saturday, one in the central Gaza Strip and one in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City.

    Al-Qidra told Ma’an that Israeli forces had refused to allow ambulances and rescue teams access to the village of Khuzaa and other border areas in order to look for survivors and dead bodies.

    The Lebanese al-Mayadeen satellite TV reported that at least ten dead bodies were pulled from debris in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

    The channel quoted sources in the International Red Cross Committee as saying that rescue teams and ambulances were unable to access Khuzaa and that coordination with the Israeli forces was underway.

    An Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma’an that Palestinians in the Khan Younis area had been told to leave their homes days ago and told not to return during the ceasefire, and that therefore rescue teams were “not allowed to search” in parts of the southern Gaza Strip.

    Khuzaa has been subject to heavy Israeli shelling in recent days, with dozens killed and many more thought to be buried under the rubble since teams have been unable to access the bodies.

  • Russia opens corridor for evacuation of wounded, dead Ukrainian servicemen across border

    Rostov-on-Don - 12 injured Ukrainian servicemen who underwent medical treatment in Russia and the bodies of two dead ones have been delivered to the Gukovo and Novoshakhtinsk checkpoints at the Russian-Ukrainian border, Vasily Malayev, a spokesman for the Federal Security Service (FSB) border department for the Rostov region, told Interfax on Saturday, July 26.

  • #Hamas to observe 12-hour #truce Saturday

    A Hamas official told AFP on Saturday that the Islamist group would observe a 12-hour #Gaza #ceasefire starting later in the morning. “There is national consensus on a humanitarian truce... for 12 hours on Saturday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, (0500 to 1700 GMT),” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zukhri told AFP. A US official said late Friday that #Israel had decided on a unilateral 12-hour Gaza ceasefire from 7:00 am Saturday morning. read more

  • Gaza : neuf morts dans une école de l’ONU après un tir israélien

    Gaza (Territoires palestiniens) - Neuf Palestiniens, dont un enfant d’un an et sa mère, ont été tués jeudi après-midi dans une école de l’ONU à Beit Hanoun, dans le nord de la bande de Gaza, où avaient trouvé refuge des Palestiniens, selon le décompte d’un photographe de l’AFP.

    Les corps ont été conduits à la morgue de l’hôpital de Jabaliya, près de Beit Hanoun, selon le photographe de l’AFP. Le porte-parole de l’Agence de l’ONU pour l’aide aux réfugiés palestiniens (UNRWA), Chris Gunness a confirmé sur son compte Twitter qu’il y avait un certain nombre de tués et blessés dans ce bâtiment.

    Le porte-parole des services de secours palestiniens, Achraf al-Qoudra, a de son côté fait état d’un bilan de 15 morts et de plus de 200 blessés. Les blessés ont été conduits à l’hôpital Chifa de Gaza.

    Les coordonnées précises de cet abri à Beit Hanoun avaient été formellement fournies à l’armée israélienne, a souligné Chris Gunness.

    • Dozens feared dead as Israel shells UN shelter in Beit Hanoun

      (...) A local radio station quoted an eyewitness as saying that immediately before the shelling, a man who introduced himself as a Red Cross official had asked displaced people taking shelter at the school to gather in the yard because they would be evacuated to another shelter.

      An UNRWA official intervened when he saw people gathering and argued that there had been no coordination with UNRWA, telling them to go back to their rooms. During the argument, Israeli artillery shells started to hit the school.

      UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness tweeted in response to the attack that the “Precise co-ordinates of the UNRWA shelter in Beit Hanoun had been formally given to the Israeli army.”

      He added: “Over the course of the day, UNRWA tried 2 coordinate with the Israeli Army a window for civilians 2 leave & it was never granted.”

      Spokesman for the Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra said that ambulances have started to evacuated victims to three hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip in addition to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

      He confirmed that so far 13 deaths have been counted, but more were expected.

      An Israeli military spokeswoman did not immediately comment on the attack.

      An eyewitness said that displaced people were sitting in the front yard when Israeli artillery shells started to hit them. Another eyewitness said they saw five shells hitting the school.

      Earlier in the day, Gunness said on Twitter that three teachers for the UN agency had been killed, marking the first deaths among UNRWA workers.

      “The 1st UNRWA fatalities in #Gaza; 3 teachers. 2 women, 1 man killed along with family members by incoming fire. 2 women while in residences,” Gunness tweeted.

      “Losing a colleague is hard to bear. Losing a colleague in these circumstances is unbearable.”

      During Israel’s 2008-9 offensive on Gaza, Israeli tanks shelled an area outside an UNRWA school in Jabaliya refugee camp, killing 42 people, all but one of them civilians.

      ’Stop bombing civilians’

      The attacks brought Thursday’s total number of deaths to at least 80, as dozens of Palestinians have been killed as Israel continued its bombardment from land, air, and sea.

      More than 760 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched its attack on the Gaza Strip 17 days ago, the majority since the ground began last week.

      Gaza-based rights groups have said that the vast majority of those killed are civilians, including nearly 200 children.

      International medical organization Doctors without Borders called on Israel to “stop bombing civilians trapped in the sealed-off Gaza Strip, and to respect the safety of medical workers and health facilities” on Monday, as it said that the majority of those arriving in emergency rooms where its doctors were working were women and children.

      “While official claims that the objective of the ground offensive is to destroy tunnels into Israel, what we see on the ground is that bombing is indiscriminate and that those who die are civilians,” said Nicolas Palarus a field coordinator for the group in Gaza.

      The group also said that Israel had directly targeted an ambulance with an air strike, despite the fact that they had been guaranteed movement.

      A recent airstrike hit a residential block in al-Zahraa in the central Gaza Strip and a house belonging to Nofal family in the Al-Nasr neighborhood in Gaza City.

      23-year-old Isam Faysal and 13-year-old Amir Adel Siyam were also killed by an Israeli raid on Rafah.

      Meanwhile, 21-year-old Abdul-Aziz Nur Addin was killed by an airstrike on a market in Shujaiyya. The Ministry of Health announced earlier that 19-year-old Saer Audah Shamali was killed in Shujaiyya.

      Earlier on Thursday, four bodies were pulled from the rubble of buildings in Khuzaa, where dozens were killed in heavy Israeli shelling over night.

      The bodies were later identified as Rasmi Abu Reida, Muhammad Abu Yousif, Ahmad Qudeih and Rami Qudeih .

      Israeli airstrikes also killed seven Palestinians in western Kkhan Younis. Gaza Ministry of Health spokesman Al-Qidra said that an airstrike killed Ahmad Abdul-Karim, Ahmad Hasan and Muhammad Ismail Khader there.

      He added that Ahmad al-Mashhadi and Ahmad Khadir were killed in another raid on Khan Younis.

      Earlier, he announced that bodies of Anas Akram Skafi , 18, and his twin brother Saad were removed from rubble in Shujaiyya, the site of the killing of nearly 70 Palestinians in one day over the weekend.

      Emergency teams on Thursday also managed to remove the body of a dead woman, identified as Alal Khalil Abu Ayda , and three injured people from the rubble of a home belonging to the al-Bardini family which Israeli missiles demolished earlier in the city of al-Zahraa in the central Gaza Strip.

      Al-Qidra said earlier that five Palestinian men were killed by two separate Israeli airstrikes on a motorcycle and a tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) in Abasan al-Kabira east of Khan Younis.

      Medical sources identified four of the victims as Nabil Shihdah Qudeih, Nadir Suleiman Qudeih, Bakir Fathi Qudeih, and Ismail Hasan Abu Rjeila .

    • Gaza : 15 Palestiniens réfugiés dans une école de l’ONU tués par un tir

      Selon un porte-parole de l’armée israélienne, des combats sont en cours dans la zone de Beit Hanoun avec le Hamas accusé de se servir des infrastructures civiles et de symboles internationaux comme boucliers humains.

      L’armée a aussi évoqué la possibilité d’un carnage causé par une roquette tirée par le Hamas : Durant l’après-midi, plusieurs roquettes lancées par le Hamas depuis la bande de Gaza sont tombés dans le secteur de Beit Hanoun, ajouté cette source.

      Il faut donc comprendre que les résistants palestiniens se cachent parmi la population civile et ensuite ils se tirent dessus.

    • Israeli strike on Gaza school kills 15 and leaves 200 wounded

      UN condemns shelling of UNRWA school, saying it asked IDF for time to evacuate civilians, which was not given


      Chris Gunness, spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works agency said there had earlier been “firing around the compound” and his organisation had asked the Israeli army for time to evacuate civilians. “We spent much of the day trying to negotiate or to coordinate a window so that civilians, including our staff, could leave. That was never granted … and the consequences of that appear to be tragic.”

    • La version des assassins : le Hamas a empêché l’UNRWA d’évacuer les civils,

      “Last night, we told Red Cross to evacuate civilians from UNRWA’s shelter in Beit Hanoun btw 10am & 2pm. UNRWA & Red Cross got the message. Hamas prevented civilians from evacuating the area during the window that we gave them.”

  • #Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It’s Fed - NYTimes.com

    “I wake up every single day knowing Amazon might make new, impossible demands,” she said.

    Amazon has been reported to be seeking a new concession from publishers: If a customer orders a book and it is not immediately available, it wants the right to print the volume itself. An Amazon spokesman said it does not compel publishers to use the technology but offers it as a service. The customer wants the book immediately, so this makes obvious sense. But it chips away yet again at the publisher’s role.

  • 20 killed since midnight, Israeli forces ’massacre 12’ in Gaza City | Maan News Agency Published today | 09:23

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – On the 13th day of the ongoing military offensive against the Gaza Strip, residents say invading Israeli forces committed “a new massacre” in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City.

    At least 12 people have been killed and more than 150 have been injured in the eastern neighborhood, medics said Sunday. The death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are uncovered.

    Palestinian medical sources in al-Shifa Hospital told Ma’an that the hospital was unable to cope with the large numbers of residents who fled their homes in Shujaiyya “under fire” to the hospital for shelter. They highlighted that Sunday’s death toll hit 20 since midnight.

    Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman of the Palestinian ministry of health, said that among Shujaiyya’s victims were family members of senior Hamas leader Khalil al-Hayya. He identified them as Osamah Khalil al-Hayya, his wife Halah and his sons Khalil and Umamah.

    Al-Qidra highlighted that the last few hours were the “fiercest” against Palestinian houses. Residents, he said, have been appealing for help since midnight saying that large numbers of people have been killed or injured in the houses as shells continued to hit them from all directions.

    Al-Qidra highlighted that Israeli forces denied ambulances access to attacked houses to evacuate victims despite the uninterrupted efforts to coordinate through the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    “The Israeli occupation forces told the Red Cross Committee that Shujaiyya was a closed zone because of military operations,” the medical official explained.

    As a result, added al-Qidra, Palestinian ambulance teams decided to take the risk and access victims despite the Israeli military orders.

    Among the victims in Shujaiyya, according to al-Qidra, were teenage girl 14-year-old Hiba Hamid Sheikh Khalil and 38-year-old Muhammad Ali Jundiyya .

    Three unidentified bodies were also received at al-Shifa Hospital Sunday morning.

    Earlier, the body of 52-year-old Tawfiq Marshoud was evacuated.

    In Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources said three Palestinians were killed Sunday morning. Al-Qidra identified them as 23-year-old Hamid Abu Fuju, 26-year-old Ahmad Zanoun and 21-year-old Suhayb Abu Qurah .

    In addition, an Israeli airstrike on house of the Muammar family killed three brothers. Medical sources said Anas Yousif Muammar died of his wounds shortly after his brothers Muhamamd, 30, and Hamzah, 21, were killed in al-Juneina neighborhood of Rafah. Ten others were injured in the attack.

    Also in Rafah, al-Qidra said 56-year-old Husni Mahmoud al-Absi was killed by an Israeli raid which injured five others.

    Fahmi Abdul-Aziz Abu al-Said , 29, was also killed Sunday in the central Gaza Strip.


    • Israeli ’massacre’ in Gaza City
      http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=714592 Published today (updated) 20/07/2014 11:56

      GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – On the 13th day of the ongoing military offensive against the Gaza Strip, residents say invading Israeli forces committed “a new massacre” in the Shujaiyya neighborhood of Gaza City.

      At least 40 people have been killed and hundreds have been injured in the eastern neighborhood, medics said Sunday. The death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are uncovered.

      Medical sources said seven Palestinians were killed in other areas across the coastal enclave.

      Spokesman of the Palestinian ministry of health Ashraf al-Qidra said rescue teams evacuated 44 dead bodies from destroyed houses. More than 200 injured people were taken to al-Shifa Hospital.

      Medical sources identified some of the victims in Shujaiyya as Ahmad Ishaq Ramlawi , Marwah Suleiman al-Sirsawi , Raed Mansour Nayfah, Osama Ribhi Ayyad and Ahid Mousa al-Sirsik.

      Among the victims was photojournalist Khalid Hamid and paramedic Fuad Jabir .

      Dozens of victims in Shujaiyya haven’t been identified.

    • 100 Palestinians killed in Israeli assault on Sunday alone
      Published today (updated) 20/07/2014 21:45

      GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces killed at least 100 Palestinians on Sunday including 66 in a single neighborhood of Gaza City, bringing the 13-day death toll to 437.

      The assault on Gaza — which has also left 18 Israels dead — is the largest and deadliest attack on the besieged coastal enclave since 2008. More than 200 Palestinians have died since the ground invasion began on Thursday.

      On Sunday, 66 bodies were recovered from the Shujaiyya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, in what medical authorities called a “massacre” and a level of violence not seen before in the ongoing conflict.

      At least 500 Palestinians were injured in Israeli attacks on Wednesday, with the total surpassing 3,000 as Gazan hospitals struggled to cope with the surge and facing shortages of medical supplies, doctors, and hospital beds.

      Shelling and airstrikes resume Sunday afternoon

      On Sunday afternoon, Israeli shelling fully resumed after a four-hour humanitarian ceasefire that it violated numerous times, and dozens more had been killed in the Gaza Strip as a result.

      Rayan Taysir Abu Jami , 8, and an elderly woman named Fatima Mahmoud Abu Jami were killed and three injured in an air strike on Khan Younis on Sunday evening, according to Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman in Gaza Ashraf al-Qidra.

      Eight Palestinians were also killed in Israeli air strike on house in al-Ramal.

      The dead were named by Al-Qidra as Samar Osama al-Hallaq,29, Kinan Akram al-Hallaq, 5, Hani Mohammad al-Hallaq,29, Suad Mohammad al-Hallaq, 62, Saji al-Hallaq, Ibrahim Khalil Omar, Ahmad Yassin, and an 8th person, who was unnamed.

      A man and woman , meanwhile, were killed in a strike on the Atatra house in Beit Lahiya.

      Medical sources said Ahmad Abu Tayim , 27, died of injuries sustained on an airstrike on al-Zana are of Khan Yunis.

      Aya Abu Sultan , 15, was killed in a strike on her house northern Gaza Strip.

      Another man was killed, while four were injured in another strike on Gaza City earlier in the afternoon.

      Palestinian medical sources also said that a child identified as Suleiman Abu Jami was killed in an Israeli raid on Khan Younis in the south.

      Five other people were injured in Beit Hanoun in the north.

      In the central Gaza Strip, Israeli airstrikes in the afternoon killed four members of Abu Zayid family in al-Bureij refugee camp after destroying their home over their heads.

      Medical sources also said Suleiman Abu Jami was killed in Bani Suheila in Khan Younis. Four others were injured in the same raid including one critically injured.

      Al-Qidra said earlier that an elderly woman Najah Saad Addin Darraji , 65, and a 3-year-old boy Abdullah Yousif Darraji were killed in Rafah.

    • Killed Sunday, July 20

      1.Salem Ali Abu Saada, Khan Younis
      2.Mohammad Yusef Moammer, 30, Rafah.
      3.Hamza Yousef Moammer, 26, Rafah.
      4.Anas Yousef Moammar, 16, Rafah.
      5.Fathiyeh Nadi Marzouq Abu Moammer, 72, Rafah.
      6.Hosni Mahmoud al-Absi, 56, Rafah
      7.Suheib Ali Joma Abu Qoura, 21, Rafah
      8.Ahmad Tawfiq Mohammad Zanoun, 26, Rafah
      9.Hamid Soboh Mohammad Fojo, 22, Rafah
      10.Najah Saad al-Deen Daraji, 65, Rafah
      11.Abdullah Yusef Daraji, 3, Rafah
      12.Mohammed Rajaa Handam 15, Rafah
      13.Yusef Shaaban Ziada, 44, Al Bureij
      14.Jamil Shaaban Ziada, 53, Al Bureij
      15.Shoeban Jamil Ziada, 12, Al Bureij (son of Jamil)
      16.Soheiib Abu Ziada, Al Bureij
      17.Mohammad Mahmoud al-Moqaddma, 30, Al Bureij
      18.Raed Mansour Nayfa, Shujaeyya (Gaza City)
      19.Fuad Jaber, Medic, Shujaeyya (Gaza City)
      20.Mohammad Hani Mohammad al-Hallaq, 2, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      21.Kenan Hasan Akram al-Hallaq, 6, al-Rimal - Gaza
      22.Hani Mohammad al-Hallaq, 29, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      23.Suad Mohammad al-Hallaq, 62, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      24.Saje Hasan Akram al-Hallaq, 4, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      25.Hala Akram Hasan al-Hallaq, 27, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      26.Samar Osama al-Hallaq, 29, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      27.Ahmad Yassin, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      28.Ismael Yassin, al-Rimal (Gaza City)
      29.Aya Bahjat Abu Sultan, 15, Beit Lahia
      30.Ibrahim Salem Joma as-Sahbani, 20, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      31.Aref Ibrahim al-Ghalyeeni, 26, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      32.Osama Khalil Ismael al-Hayya, 30, Shujaeyya - Gaza (father of Umama and Khalil)
      33.Hallah Saqer Hasan al-Hayya, 29, Shujaeyya - Gaza (mother of Umama and Khalil)
      34.Umama Osama Khalil al-Hayya, 9, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      35.Khalil Osama Khalil al-Hayya, 7, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      36.Rebhi Shehta Ayyad, 31, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      37.Yasser Ateyya Hamdiyya, 28, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      38.Esra Ateyya Hamdiyya, 28, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      39.Akram Mohammad Shkafy, 63, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      40.Eman Khalil Abed Ammar, 9, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      41.Ibrahim Khalil Abed Ammar, 13, Shujaeyya - Gaza*
      42.Asem Khalil Abed Ammar, 4, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      43.Eman Mohammad Ibrahim Hamada, 40, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      44.Ahmad Ishaq Yousef Ramlawy, 33, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      45.Ahmad Sami Diab Ayyad, 27, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      46.Fida Rafiq Diab Ayyad, 24, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      47.Narmin Rafiw Diab Ayyad, 20, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      48.Husam Ayman Mohareb Ayyad, 23, Sheja’eyya, Gaza.
      49.Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Abu Zanouna, 28
      50.Tala Akram Ahmad al-Atawy, 7, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      51.Tawfiq Barawi Salem Marshoud, 52, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      52.Hatem Ziad Ali Zabout, 24, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      53.Khaled Riyadh Mohammad Hamad, 25, Shujaeyya - Gaza (Journalist)
      54.Khadija Ali Mousa Shihada, 62, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      55.Khalil Salem Ibrahim Mosbeh, 53, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      56.Adel Abdullah Eslayyem, 2, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      57.Dina Roshdi Abdullah Eslayyem, 2, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      58.Rahaf Akram Ismael Abu Joma, 4, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      59.Shadi Ziad Hasan Eslayyem, 15, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      60.Ala Ziad Hasan Eslayyem, 11, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      61.Sherin Fathi Othman Ayyad, 18, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      62.Adel Abdullah Salem Eslayyem, 29, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      63.Fadi Ziad Hasan Eslayyem, 10, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      64.Ahed Saad Mousa Sarsak, 30, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      65.Aisha Ali Mahmoud Zayed, 54, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      66.Abed-Rabbo Ahmad Zayed, 58, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      67.Abdul-Rahman Akram Sheikh Khalil, 24, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      68.Mona Suleiman Ahmad Sheikh Khalil, 49
      69.Heba Hamed Mohammad Sheikh Khalil, 13, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      70.Abdullah Mansour Radwan Amara, 23, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      71.Issam Atiyya Said Skafy, 26, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      72.Ali Mohammad Hasan Skafy, 27, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      73.Mohammad Hasan Skafy, 53, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      74.Ala Jamal ed-Deen Barda, 35, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      75.Omar Jamil Sobhi Hammouda, 10, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      76.Ghada Jamil Sobhi Hammouda, 10, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      77.Ghada Ibrahim Suleiman Adwan, 39, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      78.Fatima Abdul-Rahim Abu Ammouna, 55, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      79.Fahmi Abdul-Aziz Abu Said, 29, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      80.Ghada Sobhi Saadi Ayyad, 9, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      81.Mohammad Ashraf Rafiq Ayyad, 6, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      82.Mohammad Raed Ehsan Ayyad, 6, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      83.Mohammad Rami Fathi Ayyad, 2, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      84.Mohammad Raed Ehsan Akeela, 19, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      85.Mohammad Ziad Ali Zabout, 23, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      86.Mohammad Ali Mohared Jundiyya, 38, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      87.Marah Shaker Ahmad al-Jammal, 2, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      88.Marwan Monir Saleh Qonfid, 23, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      89.Maisa Abdul-Rahman Sarsawy, 37, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      90.Marwa Salman Ahmad Sarsawy, 13, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      91.Mos’ab el-Kheir Salah ed-Din Skafi, 27, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      92.Mona Abdul-Rahman Ayyad, 42, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      93.Halla Sobhi Sa’dy Ayyad, 25, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      94.Younis Ahmad Younis Mustafa, 62, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      95.Yousef Salem Hatmo Habib, 62, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      96.Fatima Abu Ammouna, 55, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      97.Ahmad Mohammad Azzam, 19, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      98.Ismael al-Kordi, Shujaeyya - Gaza
      99.Fatima Ahmad Abu Jame’ (60), the family matriarch, Khan Younis.
      100.Sabah Abu Jame’ (35), Her daughter-in-law and her family :
      101.Razan Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (14), Khan Younis.
      102.Jawdat Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (13), Khan Younis.
      103.Aya Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, (12), Khan Younis.
      104.Haifaa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (9), Khan Younis.
      105.Ahmad Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (8), Khan Younis.
      106.Maysaa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (7), Khan Younis.
      107.Tawfiq Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4), Khan Younis.
      108.Shahinaz Walid Muhammad Abu Jame’ (29), pregnant. (Fatima’s daughter-in-law, and her family)
      109.Fatmeh Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (12), Khan Younis.
      110.Ayub Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (10), Khan Younis.
      111.Rayan Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (5), Khan Younis.
      112.Rinat Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (2), Khan Younis.
      113.Nujud Taysir Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4 months), Khan Younis.
      114.Yasmin Ahmad Salameh Abu Jame’ (25), pregnant (another of Fatima’s daughter-in-laws, and her family) :
      115.Batul Bassam Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4) , Khan Younis.
      116.Soheila Bassam Ahmad Abu Jame’(3) , Khan Younis.
      117.Bisan Bassam Ahmad Abu Jame’ (6 months) , Khan Younis.
      118.Yasser Ahmad Muhammad Abu Jame’ (27) – Fatima’s son
      119.Fatima Riad Abu Jame’ (26), pregnant, Yasser’s wife and Fatima’s daughter in law
      120.Sajedah Yasser Ahmad Abu Jame’ (7), Khan Younis.
      121.Siraj Yasser Ahmad Abu Jame’ (4), Khan Younis.
      122.Noor Yasser Ahmad Abu Jame’ (2), Khan Younis.
      123.Husam Husam Abu Qeinas (7) (another of Fatima’s grandsons)
      124.Tariq Farouq Mahmoud Tafesh, 37, Gaza.
      125.Hazem Naim Mohammad Aqel, 14, Gaza.
      126.Mohammad Nassr Atiyya Ayyad, 25, Gaza.
      127.Omar Zaher Saleh Abu Hussein, 19, Gaza.
      128.Ziad Ghaleb Rajab ar-Redya, 23, northern Gaza.
      129.Wael Bashir Yahia Assaf, 24, northern Gaza.

  • 24 killed in Israeli air strikes Saturday morning as toll rises to 316 | Maan News Agency
    Published today (updated) 19/07/2014 11:14

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The death toll on Saturday morning hit 24 after Palestinian civil defense rescue teams pulled ten bodies out of the debris of a home in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip as Israeli forces continued their military offensive against the Gaza Strip by air, sea, and land for the twelfth day.

    The killings follow the deadliest day in the conflict so far, after Israel killed at least 63 Palestinians and injured more than 400 on the first day of their ground invasion of the besieged coastal enclave.

    Spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza Ashraf al-Qidra said on Saturday that Israeli forces had “committed a massacre against Palestinian civilians” in the Khan Younis district in the southern Gaza Strip overnight, killing eight.

    He identified the victims as 20-year-old Yahya Bassam al-Serri, Muhammad Bassam al-Serri, 17, Mahmoud Ridha Salihiyya, 56, Mustafa Ridha Salihiyya, 21, Wasim Ridha Salihiyya, 15, Muhammad Mustafa Salihiyya, 22, Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Nasr, 13, and Khalid Nasr .

    Twenty people were injured in the same attack including some seriously injured.

    On Saturday morning, Israeli forces bombed two houses, killing a child named Muhammad Ziad al-Ruhhal and injuring dozens more.

    Muhammad Abu Zaanouna , meanwhile, was killed during a strike on Abraj al-Mukhabarat in Gaza City, which also injured five others.

    Al-Qidra also said that 27-year-old Raed Walid Laqan was killed in Khan Younis by an Israeli attack on a home belonging to the Tartouri family.

    Shortly after that, medical sources announced the death of Khalid al-Qarra of wounds he sustained earlier on Saturday.

    Israeli forces also killed 26-year-old Iyad Ismail al-Ruqab in the Bani Suheila village in the Khan Younis district.

    Amjad Salim Shaath , 15 succumbed to wounds he sustained in Moraj neighborhood in Khan Younis. Two of his brothers, Ahmad and Muhammad , were killed in the same Israeli attack.

    In addition, 30-year-old Said Ali Issa was killed in Juhor Addik neighborhood in the central Gaza Strip near al-Bureij refugee camp.

    34-year-old Ahmad Mahmoud Hasan Aziz was killed by an Israeli missile on his home in Abraj al-Nada in the northern Gaza Strip overnight as well.

    Saturday morning’s deaths bring the total death toll of 12 days of Israeli military offensive in Gaza to 314 in addition to 2268 injuries, according to al-Qidra.

  • 26 Gazans killed by Israel since sunset, bringing Friday total to 63 | Maan News Agency
    Published today (updated) 18/07/2014 23:48

    GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Twenty-six Palestinians including eight members of a single family were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on Friday evening, while the death of a young man wounded earlier in the week brought the total number of deaths in Israel’s 11-day long assault to 298 and more than 2,200 injured.

    The deaths bring the total killed since the beginning of the ground invasion late Thursday night to 63, as deaths and injuries across the besieged coastal enclave soared on the first day of the assault in both the northern and southern regions of the territory.

    Of the 63 killed since the beginning of the Israeli invasion, 26 died after Gazans broke their fast at sunset on Friday evening as Israeli air strikes pounded the Strip.

    Eight members of the Abu Jrad family including four children were killed when a missile struck their home in Beit Hanoun including Naim Musa Abu Jrad, 23, Abd Musa Abu Jrad, 30, Siham Musa Abu Jrad, 26, Rija Aliyan Abu Jrad, and four children: Haniyah Abd al-Rahman Abu Jrad, Samih Naim Abu Jrad, Musa Abd al-Rahman Abu Jrad, 6 months, and Ahlam Musa Abu Jrad.

    Four members of the Shaath family were killed and four were injured including one seriously after an air strike on their home in the Hayy al-Manara neighborhood of Khan Younis around 10:30 p.m.

    Three members of the Abu Sneineh family were also killed in a strike on their home in eastern Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and three others were injured. The dead were named by Gaza medical authorities as: Faysal Abu Sneineh, 32, Emad Faysal Abu Sneineh, 18, and Nizar Fayez Aub Sneineh, 38 .

    Muhammad Talal al-Saneh, 20 , died around 10:30 p.m. as a result of an Israeli attack, Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said.

    Ismail Ramadan Salmi, 23 , was brought dead to the Gaza European Hospital, while Ghassan Salem Abu Musa Abu Azzab , 28, and his brother Muhammad Salam Abu Musa Abu Azzab , 19, from Hayy al-Manara in Khan Younis also died as a result of an Israeli attack.

    Muhammad Saad Mahmoud Abu Saadeh was killed in an Israeli airstrike in eastern Khan Younis on Friday evening.

    Hamza Mohammad Abu Hussein, 27, was killed in an airstrike on eastern Rafah on Friday evening, while Mohammad Abu Sa’da was killed in an artillery shelling eastern Khan Younis.

    Imad and Qassim Alwan , both children, were killed as a result of artillery shelling in eastern Gaza City.

    Rizk Ahmad al-Hayk, 2, perished in air strikes in Shawwa Square in Gaza City, while Sarah Muhammad Bustan, 13 , was killed in Hayy al-Tuffah in Gaza City.

    Yusif Ibrahim Hasan al-Astal , 23, died of wounds he sustained in Khan Younis a week ago.

    • Killed Friday, July 18

      1.Majdi Suleiman Jabara, 22, Rafah
      2.Faris Juma al-Mahmoum, 5 months, Rafah related article
      3.Omar Eid al-Mahmoum, 18, Rafah
      4.Nassim Mahmoud Nassier, 22. Beit Hanoun
      5.Karam Mahmoud Nassier, 20, Beit Hanoun
      6.Salmiyya Suleiman Ghayyadh, 70, Rafah
      7.Rani Saqer Abu Tawila, 30, Gaza City
      8.Hammad Abdul-Karim Abu Lehya, 23, Khan Younis
      9.Mohammad Abdul-Fattah Rashad Fayyad, 26, Khan Younis
      10.Mahmoud Mohammad Fayyad, 25, Khan Younis
      11.Amal Khader Ibrahim Dabbour, 40, Beit Hanoun
      12.Ismail Yousef Taha Qassim, 59, Beit Hanoun
      13.Ahmad Fawzi Radwan, 23, Khan Younis
      14.Mahmoud Fawzi Radwan, 24, Khan Younis
      15.Bilal Mahmoud Radwan, 23, Khan Younis
      16.Monther Radwan, 22, Khan Younis
      17.Hasan Majdi Mahmoud Radwan, 19, Khan Younis.
      18.Mohammad Sami as-Said Omran, 26, Khan Younis.
      19.Hani As’ad Abdul-Karim Shami, 35, Khan Younis
      20.Mohammad Hamdan Abdul-Karim Shami, 35, Khan Younis
      21.Husam Musallam Abu Issa, 26. Gaza
      22.Ahmad Ismael Abu Musallam, 14, Gaza City
      23.Mohammad Ismael Abu Musallam, 15, Gaza City
      24.Wala Ismael Abu Musallam, 13, Gaza City
      25.Naim Mousa Abu Jarad, 23, Beit Hanoun
      26.Abed Mousa Abu Jarad, 30, Beit Hanoun
      27.Siham Mousa Abu Jarad, 26, Beit Hanoun
      28.Raja Oliyyan Abu Jarad, 31, Beit Hanoun
      29.Haniyya Abdul-Rahman Abu Jarad, 3, Beit Hanoun
      30.Samih Naim Abu Jarad, 1, Beit Hanoun
      31.Mousa Abul-Rahman Abu Jarad, 6 months, Beit Hanoun
      32.Ahlam Mousa Abu Jarad, 13, Beit Hanoun
      33.Husam Musallam Abu Aisha, 26, Jahr al-Deek
      34.. Mohammad Saad Mahmoud Abu Sa’da , Khan Younis
      35.Ra’fat Mohammad al-Bahloul, 35, Khan Younis
      36.Wala al-Qarra, 20, Khan Younis
      37.Abdullah Jamal as-Smeiri, 17, Khan Younis
      38.Ahmad Hasan Saleh al-Ghalban, 23, Khan Younis
      39.Hamada Abdullah Mohammad al-Bashiti, 21, Khan Younis
      40.Hamza Mohammad Abu Hussein, 27, Rafah
      41.Ala Abu Shabab, 23, Rafah
      42.Mohammad Awad Matar, 37, Rafah
      43.Bassem Mohammad Mahmoud Madhi, 22, Rafah
      44.Ahmad Abdullah al-Bahnasawi, 25. Um An-Nasr
      45.Saleh Zgheidy, 20, Rafah
      46.Mahmoud Ali Darwish, 40, Nusseirat, Central Gaza
      47.Yousef Ibrahim al-Astal, 23,Khan Younis
      48.Imad Hamed E’lawwan, 7, Gaza
      49.Qassem Hamed E’lawwan, 4, Gaza (brother of Imad)
      50.Sarah Mohammad Bustan, 13, Gaza
      51.Rezeq Ahmad al-Hayek, 2, Gaza
      52.Mustafa Faisal Abu Sneina, 32, Rafah
      53.Imad Faisal Abu Sneina, 18, Rafah
      54.Nizar Fayez Abu Sneina, 38, Rafah
      55.Ismail Ramadan al-Loulahi, 21, Khan Younis
      56.Ghassan Salem Mousa Abu Azab, 28, Khan Younis
      57.Ahmad Salem Shaat, 22, Khan Younis
      58.Mohammad Salem Shaat, 20, Khan Younis
      59.Amjad Salem Shaat, 15, Khan Younis
      60.Mohammad Talal as-Sane, 20, Rafah

  • Hamas officially rejects #Gaza truce

    Hamas has officially told #Egypt that it rejects an Egyptian-proposed Gaza ceasefire, a spokesman for the Islamist group said on Wednesday. “The outcome of discussions within the internal institutions of the movement was to reject the proposal and therefore, Hamas informed Egypt last night it apologizes for not accepting it,” spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said. Hamas’s armed wing had already spurned the Egyptian plan on Tuesday, and #Israel, which briefly halted its Gaza offensive, resumed attacks after cross-border rocket fire from the Palestinian territory persisted. (Reuters)

  • UN says human loss and destruction in #Gaza “immense”

    The UN aid agency for Palestinians on Tuesday described the damage wrought by #Israel's air offensive on Gaza as “immense,” with more than 500 homes razed. “The level of human losses and destruction in Gaza is really immense,” said UNWRA spokesman Sami Mshasha. “According to our latest figure, we are talking about 174 killed and well over 1,100 injured. This number will increase. The numbers are increasing by hours,” he told reporters. “A good number of those killed and injured are women and children. That is a cause of concern for #UNRWA,” he added. read more

    #Hamas #Palestine

  • Protesters shut down eastern #Libya oil port

    Protesters have shut down the eastern Libyan oil port Brega, state firm National Oil Corp (NOC) said on Saturday, days after the government celebrated the reopening of major ports after almost a year of blockage. NOC spokesman Mohammed al-Harari said the state-run Sirte Oil Co would have to shut down its production of 43,000 barrels per day (bpd) if the protest by state oil guards continued, without being more specific about time frame. read more


  • UN evacuates staff from #Libya

    The #united_nations has evacuated dozens of foreign staff from its mission in Libya due to a deteriorating security situation in the North African country, a UN spokesman said on Thursday. “They will return if the security situation improves,” said Samir Ghattas, spokesman for the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), without saying how many had left the country. Libya is in turmoil as the government and parliament are unable to curb militias that helped overthrow veteran ruler #Muammar_Gaddafi in 2011 but are now defying state authority. (Reuters)

  • Kurdish president : Maliki “must step down”

    A spokesman for Iraqi Kurdish president #Massud_Barzani said Thursday national premier #Nouri_al-Maliki had “become hysterical” and should step down after he accused the autonomous region of harboring militants. Maliki “has become hysterical and has lost his balance,” said the statement, published on the Kurdish regional presidency website in English. Addressing the premier, it continued: “You must apologize to the Iraqi people and step down. You have destroyed the country and someone who has destroyed the country cannot save the country from crisis.” read more

    #Iraq #Kurdistan

  • US opposes independence referendum for Iraqi Kurds

    The United States Thursday came out against a call by Iraq’s Kurdish leader for an independence referendum, saying the only way the country could repel Islamic State radicals would be to stay united.


    “The fact is that we continue to believe that Iraq is stronger if it is united,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

  • Israeli shelling injures pregnant woman, five others in #Gaza

    Six Palestinians, including a pregnant woman and an 11-year-old boy, were injured Friday morning after Israeli tanks fired on homes and mosques in the southern Gaza Strip. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qidra, told AFP that the five were wounded after the tanks targeted “two mosque minarets” east of the city of Khan Younis. The 11-year-old boy was in serious condition, he said. Witnesses told local news agency Ma’an the tank fire damaged the Hoda and Taqwa mosques and several nearby homes. read more

    #Israel #Palestinian