Craignosse, les turlutosses !

  • How Russians end up in a far-right militia fighting in Ukraine

    the #Russian_Volunteer_Corps (RVC), a unit made up of Russians fighting against their own country alongside Ukrainian forces.

    The RVC was founded by Moscow-born Denis Kapustin, also known as Denis Nikitin or by the nom de guerre White Rex. The Antifascist Europe monitoring project says he is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist.

    Nikitin, who declined to be interviewed for this article, has frequently described himself as a nationalist fighting for a Russia that belongs to ethnic Russians though has rejected the neo-Nazi and white supremacist characterisations.

    [...] The presence of Russian far-right groups on both sides of the conflict is also a sign of an ideological fracturing of Russia’s ultranationalist movement, said political scientist Mark Galeotti, head of London-based Mayak Intelligence consultancy and author of several books on the Russian military.

    Groups seeking a restoration of Russia’s historic power are facing other outfits, like the RVC, that oppose Putin’s invasion and want to see a smaller, ethnic Russian state, he added.

    “Some think that Ukraine’s struggle against the evil Russian empire is their cause. And there are some who think that fighting for the motherland is their cause,” said Galeotti, naming the #Rusich_Group and #ENOT_Corp among far-right paramilitary units fighting on Russia’s side.

    [...] The RVC hit the headlines in March when it claimed responsibility for a cross-border raid into Russian territory, which Putin denounced as a terrorist attack and said the fighters involved had opened fire on civilians in a car, including children. The governor of the border region said the attack had killed two people and wounded a boy of 11.

    A senior member of the RVC called Vladimir, with the nom de guerre Cardinal, told Reuters via Signal call in February that the unit numbered up to 200 fighters, though Reuters was unable to independently verify that figure.

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    • Russia says cross-border attack from Ukraine has been crushed, one civilian killed

      The Russian military said on Tuesday it had routed militants who had attacked a Russian border region with armoured vehicles the previous day, killing more than 70 “Ukrainian nationalists” and pushing the remainder back into Ukraine.

      In what appeared to be one of the biggest incursions from Ukraine since the war began 15 months ago, two purported anti-Kremlin armed groups employing Russians based abroad said they were responsible for the attack in Russia’s Belgorod region.

      [...] One of the two fighting groups - the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) - said on social media: “One day we’ll come to stay.”

      Ukraine’s government had said it was watching the situation but had “nothing to do with it”. It said the same in March when one of the groups - which Moscow said consisted of far-right Russian extremists managed by Ukrainian intelligence - mounted an incursion into another border region.

      [...] The two groups that claimed responsibility for the incursion are the RVC and the #Freedom_of_Russia_Legion - a Ukraine-based Russian militia led by Russian opposition figure Ilya Ponomaryov that says it is working inside Russia to overthrow President Vladimir Putin.

      Ponomaryov is wanted in Russia, where the authorities have accused him of spreading false information about the army and designated him a terrorist.