Frontiers in Sustainable Cities aims to develop a multi-disciplinary academic approach to life in contemporary and future urban environments. The journal publishes rigorously peer-reviewed, cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics, from engineering and urban studies to social sciences, with a focus on achieving sustainable living processes within future urban landscapes (in line with SDGs).

  • The interface of disasters, sanitation, and poverty in Brazil: a sociological perspective

    In Brazil, the high frequency and types of disasters are symptoms of misguided socioenvironmental public policies. While approximately 25% of municipalities decree emergency every year, over 75% of the occurrences are linked to sanitation issues. Such events range from the lack of urban drainage infrastructure to handle large volumes of rainwater to the insufficiency of backup water supply strategies during prolonged drought, both further impacting other precarious infrasystems such as solid waste management and sewage, with the most heavily and extensively affected group being the citizens facing poverty. Therefore, the issues of disaster, sanitation, and poverty are intertwined in Brazil. Using a network science approach, we investigate how the sociological debate is overcoming the (...)