Agent d’ingérence étrangère : Alle die mit uns auf Kaperfahrt fahren, müssen Männer mit Bärten sein. Jan und Hein und Klaas und Pit, die haben Bärte, die haben Bärte. Jan und Hein und Klaas und Pit, die haben Bärte, die fahren mit.

  • The Making of an SS Killer, The Life of Colonel Alfred Filbert, 1905 - 1990


    page 78

    In the second half of October, upon his return to Berlin from his stint in the east, Filbert was accused of having misappropriated RSHA funds. The affair impacted not only on Filbert but also on other senior members of Office VI, namely Jost – who had been fired by Heydrich as early as the beginning of September2 – and SS-Obersturmbannführer Friedrich Vollheim, head of Group VI C. The charges were used to remove the three of them from office.

    The specific charges against Filbert were twofold: first, it was claimed that Filbert had illegally retained 60,000 Reich marks in foreign currency in his office safe for his own personal use; second, he was accused of taking out ‘a dubious loan’ (einen zweifelhaften Kredit) for the purchase of a house. The interest rate agreed on for the mortgage was supposedly half a per cent lower than the rate generally applied.

    The house in question was a villa at 34 Waltharistraße in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee, which Filbert had moved into in 1941 (and would then ultimately purchase in 1943). Proceedings were initiated against him and he was questioned by an SS court in Berlin.

    He later disputed his guilt with the words: ‘Was it thinkable that I, a jurist and a soldier, would do such a thing?’ Filbert was only one of many Nazi criminals who admitted in their post- war testimony to having committed murder (albeit often on a scale much smaller than had actually been the case) but disputed having ever enriched themselves materially or financially. Franz Stangl, the former commandant of Treblinka extermination camp, endeavoured after the war to make it clear that no theft had taken place under his command.


    During his four-month stint in the east, he proved to be one of the most radical executors of the genocide of Soviet Jewry. His commando was the very first to commence with the systematic murder of women and children at the end of July 1941. By the time he returned to Berlin on 20 October 1941 his commando had killed more than 16,000 Jews in Lithuania and Belarus.

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