• Border surveillance footage from 7 October ’disappears’: Israeli officers

    Israeli reserve officers say surveillance video and audio recordings from the Gaza border during the Hamas attack have been deleted, potentially to prevent an investigation into what happened that day

    News Desk | DEC 3

    Israeli military surveillance video from the Gaza border from 7 October, the day of Hamas’ surprise attack, has disappeared, Israeli news site Walla reported [ https://news.walla.co.il/item/3626341 ] on 3 December.

    During a visit by a senior female officer from the Israeli army general staff to the various division headquarters, senior officers in the reserves commented that “an invisible hand” had deleted videos from the various military surveillance cameras showing the events of that day, the Hebrew language outlet stated.

    The videos were deleted from the military network known as “ZeeTube,” potentially to prevent their use in an in-depth investigation of how thousands of Hamas fighters managed to breach the border fence and infiltrate Israel to carry out the attack.

    “We sat down with one of the generals and were going to show him a video about one of the events, and we found out that someone had deleted the videos,” said a senior reserve officer from one of the divisions, adding, “It was very embarrassing. Then suspicion arose as to why someone would do that. And at the end the excuses started that it was decided to give special privileges to certain officers to view the footage. Do officers in our ranks need privileges? It looks like a war between generals and officials. There is a feeling that everyone is now trying to take care of themselves for the day after,” when an investigation into events of that day takes place.

    Israeli officials, including top generals and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have acknowledged the Hamas attack, in which 1,200 Israeli soldiers and civilians were killed, resulted from an intelligence failure. However, they insist the events of that day cannot be investigated until after the war in Gaza, in which some 20,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombing, ends. (...)


    • Critical IDF surveillance videos from Hamas’s attack on Oct. 7 missing

      Critical recordings from Oct. 7 had been removed from the central database • the IDF’s official statement on this issue is that the videos were restricted to authorized personnel

      DECEMBER 3, 2023 13:27
      Updated: DECEMBER 3, 2023 18:42

      The surveillance camera footage along the Gaza border from October 7 has not been deleted or missing, the IDF announced on Sunday evening after speculations about the security footage vanishing started floating around.

      “All the materials from the operational systems of the IDF related to documented events, are preserved and accessible to the relevant parties,” the IDF wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Like other operational materials, access to the materials is blocked to those who are not required to deal with them. Any other claim is baseless.”

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      During a recent visit by senior IDF officers to various brigade headquarters, a troubling revelation came to light. It became apparent that surveillance camera footage along the Gaza border, dating back to the day the war with Hamas broke out, had mysteriously vanished. Furthermore, critical recordings from that Black Shabbat had been removed from the central database. These developments have raised suspicions and fueled a sense that everyone is primarily looking out for their own interests with an eye on what comes next.

      The IDF’s official statement on this issue is that the videos were not deleted, but rather restricted to authorized personnel. (...)