• Nearly half a million Israelis left occupied Palestine since October 7 | Al Mayadeen English

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    Israeli media reports on Wednesday revealed that a significant number of Israelis have departed from Palestine since the start of the war on Gaza on October 7th.

    According to data from the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority, about half a million Israelis have left the occupied territories, Israeli news website Zman Yisrael pointed out.

    During October (from October 7 to October 31), approximately 370,000 Israelis left Palestine, and during November, an additional 139,839 left Palestine.

    The website noted that these figures do not include the tens of thousands of foreign workers and diplomats who have left Palestine after October 7th due to deteriorating conditions.

    It has also been noted that migration to Palestine has diminished considerably this year as conditions have improved in Ethiopia and, to some extent, in Ukraine. Conditions of decline in the socioeconomic and political spheres are attributed to the Israeli regime’s policies.

    Moreover, the number of immigrants decreased from around 20,000 in the first quarter of 2023 to about 11,000 in the third quarter. In the initial weeks of the war, migration nearly came to a halt, with the number of immigrants to Palestine since October 7th constituting less than 1% of the Israelis who left.

    The website emphasized that several Israeli media outlets misinterpreted the return of 300,000 Israelis to Palestine as a significant wave of migration, overlooking the fact that the majority of returnees came back solely from holiday vacations.

    • Les stats israéliennes, à ma connaissance, ne font pas le distingo (entre Palestine occupée en 48 ou 67), donc cela concerne « vrais » Israéliens et colons. Quant aux Palestiniens de 67 - les indigènes ! - je ne pense pas qu’ils figurent pour beaucoup dans ces chiffres car ils passent par la Jordanie et je pense que les données reposent beaucoup sur l’aéroport Bengourion.

    • La question que je me posais était de savoir si il y a des colons israéliens qui quittent leurs colonies pour l’étranger. Mais on a plutôt l’impression que la colonisation se poursuit et même s’accélère. Est-elle alimentée par les Israéliens « de l’intérieur » ou par des colons qui poursuivent l’annexion depuis des colonies déjà annexées ?