• Hamas says 7 October attacks ’necessary step’
    21 January 2024 16:46 GMT| Middle East Eye

    Palestinian group Hamas said on Sunday that its 7 October attacks in southern Israel were a “necessary step” against Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

    But the group admitted in a 16-page report about the attack that “some faults happened… due to the rapid collapse of the Israeli security and military system, and the chaos caused along the border areas with Gaza”.

    The document was the group’s first public report released in English and Arabic explaining the background to the attack, when the militants broke through Gaza’s militarised border. The attack resulted in the deaths of about 1,140 people and the taking of around 250 hostages.

    The militant group said the attack was “a necessary step and a normal response to confront all Israeli conspiracies against the Palestinian people”.

    “If there was any case of targeting civilians it happened accidently and in the course of the confrontation with the occupation forces,” Hamas said in the report.

    “Many Israelis were killed by the Israeli army and police due to their confusion.”

    In the statement, Hamas urged “the immediate halt of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the crimes and ethnic cleansing committed against the entire Gaza population”.

    “We stress that the Palestinian people have the capacity to decide their future and to arrange their internal affairs,” the statement said, adding that “no party in the world” had the right to decide on their behalf.


    • 21 janvier 2024 - 17:45 GMT

      Hamas issues report on events of October 7

      The Palestinian group has released a report explaining the motives of the attack. Here are some of the key points the group raised:

      The report stresses the historical context of the conflict and the injustices that Palestinians have endured for decades, saying that Israel has been intensifying its abuses under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government. It adds that the October 7 attack was a “natural response” to the Israeli push to liquidate the Palestinian cause.
      Hamas rejects accusations that it deliberately targeted civilians during the attack – in which almost 1,140 people were killed, including 700 civilians – pointing to media reports about Israeli troops targeting cars and homes with Israelis inside. But the report acknowledges that disorder had ensued during the attack as the Israeli security apparatus collapsed swiftly around Gaza.
      The report urges an investigation into “all crimes in occupied Palestine” by the International Criminal Court, calling on its prosecutor to “immediately” start a probe on the ground.
      The Palestinian group reiterates that it is in a conflict against Israel, not against Jews because of their religion.
      Hamas calls for ending Israel’s offensive on Gaza and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the territory, saying that Palestinians should be able to decide their own future.

    • 21 janvier 2024 | 14h35

       : Le Hamas rejette « tout projet international ou israélien visant à décider de l’avenir de la bande de Gaza »

      Le mouvement islamiste a exigé ce dimanche que « l’agression israélienne » au sein de l’enclave cesse, et a déclaré que seul le peuple palestinien doit décider de l’avenir de Gaza. « Nous rejetons catégoriquement tout projet international ou israélien visant à décider de l’avenir de la bande de Gaza », écrit le Hamas dans un document explicatif revenant par ailleurs sur son attaque perpétrée le 7 octobre sur le sol israélien.

      Dans le document, le mouvement islamiste palestinien considère que l’attaque du 7 octobre contre Israël était « une étape nécessaire » et une « réponse normale » face à « tous les complots israéliens contre le peuple palestinien ». Selon le Hamas, dans le « chaos » autour de la frontière entre Israël et la bande de Gaza, « peut-être que des erreurs ont eu lieu », mais la formation nie avoir visé des civils, si ce n’est « par accident, et au cours de confrontations avec les forces d’occupation ».

      Mille cent quarante personnes ont été tuées, rappelle l’Agence France-Presse, lors de cette attaque sans précédent en Israël. Il s’agissait en majorité de civils, selon un décompte de l’AFP à partir de données officielles israéliennes, notamment plus de 360 festivaliers à Réïm.