• US says Palestinians are close to changing ‘pay for slay’ program - POLITICO

    Collaboration et corruption ; l’horizon prévisible des « technocrates » de la nouvelle « Autorité palestienne ». A la demande des USA, l’AP envisage de supprimer les allocations verssées aux familles des martyrs. (C’est vrai qu’à Gaza, entre autres lieux, ça permet de faire de sérieuses économies sur celles et ceux qui restent...)

    The U.S. is near a deal with the Palestinian Authority to end its contentious “martyr payments” for people who commit acts of violence against Israel, two Biden administration officials said.

    That would be a key win for the multifaceted U.S. push to reform the PA — from instituting anti-corruption measures to improving basic services — so that it can take over governance of the Gaza Strip whenever the Israel-Hamas war ends.

    The PA oversees parts of the West Bank, and it is seen by the Biden administration as the best option for governing Gaza in the future. But the PA is reviled by many Palestinians, as well as Israelis and Arab leaders, who see it as corrupt, inefficient and out of touch.

    The “martyr payments” program financially supports Palestinians and their families if they are wounded, imprisoned or killed while carrying out acts of violence against Israel. It has long infuriated Israelis who say it incentivizes terrorism and call it “pay for slay.” Many Palestinians say it provides crucial support for people standing up to an oppressive Israeli occupation.

    Drafts of the PA payments reform plans seen by U.S. officials indicate that Palestinian leaders will replace the current scheme with a general welfare program. Further specifics were not immediately available.

    “There’s been a great deal of work on this behind the scenes, and the progress is encouraging,” a senior Biden administration official said. Another administration official confirmed changes to the system were expected soon. That said, as with all things involving Israel and the Palestinians, new roadblocks could emerge.