• Dry ice ultra low temperature data logger manufacturers

    Dry ice transportation is a commonly used cold chain method, suitable for medicine, food, the chemical industry, and other fields. The common temperature range for dry ice transportation is -90℃~-30℃. The dry ice temperature data logger can monitor the temperature of the entire supply chain. It operates stably and with high accuracy, ensuring that the dry ice environment temperature remains constant.

    For temperature monitoring in ultra-low temperature environments such as dry ice, you must choose Ultra Low temperature data logger. This temperature logger can maintain stable operation for a long time in ultra-low temperature environments without affecting its accuracy. Freshliance launched the Keeper-IUT dry ice temperature data logger. The temperature monitoring range is -90℃~70℃. The accuracy can reach ±0.5℃ in a low-temperature environment of -30℃. If it is lower than -30℃, the accuracy is ±1 ℃, in line with the monitoring standards of medicine, food, chemical industry, etc. This ultra-low temperature data logger is a multi-purpose recorder with a maximum working time of 120 days. The battery can be replaced and reused. It also has an LCD display that allows real-time viewing of operating status, maximum/minimum/average temperature, alarm status, and remaining Days, is the ideal temperature controller for ultra-low temperature transport requiring frequent temperature sampling intervals.

    As a manufacturer that specializes in R&D and production of temperature data loggers, Freshliance launches every device with mature technology and stable performance. For transportation temperature monitoring of dry ice and ultra-low temperature environments, Freshliance has launched different models of dry ice temperature data recorders and ultra-low temperature data recorders for users to choose from, with low prices and guaranteed after-sales service!
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