• ’Useless, thieves, collaborators’ : UAE official rails against Palestinian rulers

    Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs, c’est en ces termes que les Emirats parlent de l’Autorité palestinienne (et Gaza, pendant ce temps-là...)

    He then called the PA leadership “Ali Baba and the forty thieves,” charged them with being “useless,” and said that “replacing them with one another will only lead to the same result.”

    “Why would the UAE give assistance to the Palestinian Authority without real reforms?” the top Emirati diplomat reportedly asked.

    An Emirati official who spoke with Axios confirmed the remarks and said: “His Highness added that if the Palestinian Authority paid as much attention to its own people as it does to security coordination with Israel, the Palestinians will be in much better shape.”

    In response to this, the PA official shouted back, saying that “nobody will dictate” how the PA will conduct its reforms.