• Most young UK nationals oppose existence of Israeli state : Poll

    (Pour la France, on ne sait pas, ou on ne nous le dit pas...)

    The majority of young UK nationals believe that Israel “should not exist” following Israel’s brutal bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip, according to a poll by UnHerd.

    An initial discovery from a specialized survey of 1,012 voters on foreign policy, carried out by Focaldata, revealed that an astonishing 54 percent of individuals aged 18 to 24 thought the existence of the state of Israel was unwarranted. Only 21 percent held the opposing view.

    This discovery aligns with previous UnHerd surveys on the same subject. In a separate query, younger participants were asked to attribute responsibility for the ignition of the war in Gaza. Half of the participants pointed to the Israeli government, a quarter identified Hamas, and 19 percent felt that both were equally responsible.