• Turkey’s Syrian Dilemma - Al-Monitor : the Pulse of the Middle East

    La Turquie d’Erdogan et la France de Fabius pas vraiment sur la même longueur d’onde vis-à-vis de la Syrie. Un regard sur la diplomatie turque, pas vraiment beaucoup répercuté dans les médias.

    The irony here is that Turkey and France are actually on the same page as to what should happen in Syria. Both see no role for Bashar al-Assad in any settlement formula. Both are calling for increased international support for the Syrian opposition to topple Assad and his regime.

    This, however, has not increased cooperation between Ankara and Paris, as might have been expected. Rather than cooperate, Turkey and France, whose ties are already strained over issues like Ankara’s EU membership bid and the Armenian genocide, have from the start of the Arab Spring been competing for influence in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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