• Cultural War Over Direction Of Saudi Media - Al-Monitor : the Pulse of the Middle East

    Traduit du Safir, cet article qui rappelle le débat, appelé à s’intensifier en particulier sur la question des médias et de l’image en général, entre deux courants représentatifs de la société saoudienne, les Wabbabites jusqu’au-boutistes, et les « libéraux » commeon les appelle là-bas. On peut faire le pari que, tôt ou tard, ce sont les seconds qui finiront pas l’emporter.

    The war in Saudi Arabia is divided between two opinions: conservativism to the extent of extremism, and openness to the extent of liberalism, even if masked with religious convictions. Preachers sometimes issue edicts to announce the sinfulness of watching networks that are financed by rich Saudis and that feature many prominent Saudi figures and discuss subjects pertaining solely to the affairs of the kingdom. These channels are considered to represent the Saudis who pray, fast, sing, dance, are concerned with fashion and who are interested in discussing religion without being swamped in extremism and terrorism. Saudis are thus portrayed as individuals who have fun, do not mind watching Turkish and Lebanese shows, or being informed about the social issues of the Gulf. As for politics, the government allows the dissemination of the information it wants public.

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