• Karl reMarks: Seven Minutes Inside Bernard Henri Lévy’s Head (Because that’s all we could take)

    Philosopher, intellectual, diva, poster boy for humanitarian interventionism, post-Foucauldian striptease artist. Bernard Henri Lévy has been called many things over the years, but none of those descriptions quite capture the essence of France’s Numéro Un public intellectual (now that all the others have died). Who is the real BHL, as he is lovingly referred to in France, and why does his moniker sound like the name of a French department store? In order to answer those questions, and have an excuse to call him a few more things, we spent seven minutes inside his head. Here’s the transcript narrated by the Gallic Über-coif himself.

    • dans les commentaires, celui ci à mourir de rire :

      My favorite BHL moment was when, during the early days of the Libyan uprising, he was a guest on a TV talkshow hosted by the very proper and straight-laced Mr. Khan. At some point Khan asked BHL what he hoped would come of all these uprisings, and the answer was, mangling the English idiom completely, that he hoped it would lead to the West no longer “making zee blow-jobs to zee dictators.”