• The Civilian Products of Military Factories, by Mahmoud Salem aka @Sandmonkey.

    Des Egyptiens, y compris parmi les révolutionnaires, sont nostalgiques de la période de transition durant laquelle le Conseil suprême des forces armées (CSFA) était au pouvoir (!) Un coup d’Etat de l’armée est-il souhaitable et/ou possible ? Pourquoi ? Qu’est-ce que cela impliquerait ? Eléments de réponses présentés avec ironie par le célèbre blogueur égyptien Sandmonkey. A lire absolument.

    Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t hold a candle to the masochism fix I get from reading the news every morning.
    The notion of the army executing a coup against President Morsi and taking back power is becoming very popular in many circles in Egyptian society, especially amongst the non-politicised factions. If anything, it showcases the deep disenchantment that the average Egyptian feels with the Muslim Brotherhood government and its mismanagement of the country, alongside the political opposition.
    As the signs of the vanishing of the state and the impending economic apocalypse that is about to hit Egypt keep piling up, many people are starting to romanticise the good old days of SCAF rule.