• Un colon poursuivi pour vol de chèvres d’un berger palestinien.
    Palestinian sues West Bank settler in theft of his goats - National Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

    The Judea and Samaria District police have recommended pressing charges against a Jewish settler who is suspected of selling goats that were stolen from a Palestinian man, who previously sued the Beit Hagai resident.

    The Judea and Samaria District police spokeswoman told Haaretz last week that the case file now goes to the district’s prosecution department for its decision.

    Yousef Hersh, who lives near the southern Hebron Hills settlement, filed a claim against Yitzhak Nir for damages in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court through his attorney, Eitay Mack.

    Communicating through his own lawyer, Itamar Ben Gvir, Nir has denied any connection to the theft. Calling the lawsuit a part of the ongoing “harassment by leftist organizations of settlers in the southern Hebron Hills,” the Beit Hagai resident said he was in these organizations’ “crosshairs.”

    On April 14, 2012 a group of around eight Israelis who had come from Beit Hagai threw rocks at Hersh, his 12-year-old son and a 13-year-old cousin as they grazed their flock on private territory between their village, which was not named, and the settlement. Hersh and the two boys left the herd and took up a position from which they could still see the animals. In his suit Hersh claims he saw the settlers, whom he did not recognize, cut 14 nanny goats out of the flock and lead them to Beit Hagai using force. According to Hersh the nannies were from a particularly fine breed and in their prime reproductive years, being in the early stages of gestation. Police officers called to the scene arrived after the Israelis returned to Beit Hagai.