• Guerre d’Iraq. Portrait au vitriol de Tony Blair (actuellement Envoyé spécial du Quartet pour le processus de paix au Proche Orient) pour son rôle avant et pendant l’invasion de l’Iraq. Abdel Bari Atwan (Editeur en chef d’AlQuds Alarabi) demande son expulsion de la région et le retrait de son mandat dans le cadre du Quartet. Il plaide pour une enquête sur les responsabilités des dirigeants arabes pendant la guerre d’Iraq qui serait placée sous la supervision de la Ligue arabe. Tout en soulignant les hypocrisies arabes, il dénonce les conspirations de l’Occident soupçonné de vouloir détruire la nation arabe en favorisant l’expansion des affrontements intercommunautaires, entreprise qui aurait commencé en Iraq en 2003 et qui se poursuivrait aujourd’hui en Syrie avant d’affecter l’Egypte.

    AlQuds Alarabi est un quotidien édité à Londres, indépendamment de l’Arabie saoudite contrairement aux deux autres publications panarabes Al-Hayat et Asharq Al-Awsat. Les commentaires d’Abdel Bari Atwan sur Tony Blair ne sont que l’écho de ce que l’on entend dans les pays arabes.


    Blair’s further lies revelation as Arabs fooled again
    Abdel Bari Atwan

    Apr 8 2013

    More humiliating revelations for Arab people in this week’s Independent on Sunday which showed how the invasion of Iraq was an ugly intervention designed solely to serve Western interests and strengthen Israel’s regional domination. The IoS detailed how British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had no intention of going to war with Iraq until he visited George W. Bush in April 2002. MI6 officers told the paper that Blair was ’star struck’ by Bush, with whom he spent an evening alone, and returned from the trip ’a changed man’. The same sources also revealed that Blair went to visit Bush on his ranch thinking they would be planning a war against Libya’s Colonel Gadhafi, whom Blair considered much more dangerous. He knew from the outset that what little stocks of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Saddam possessed would fit ’in the back of a small truck’. Blair, having overcome his surprise that the target was to be Saddam Hussein and not Gadhafi, and being a paragon of democracy, like the overwhelming majority of Western rulers, returned to London and prepared a series of lies in order to rally the British public behind a war on Iraq. A war against a besieged country, with a starved people, on the pretext of a lie. (…) On the tenth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, the prominent role played by Rafid Janabi was revealed. Rafid is the Iraqi who fabricated – following instructions from the CIA and German intelligence – the lie of mobile biological and chemical weapons laboratories.

    (…) We now demand an investigation, conducted by Arabs, into the role of our Arab leaders in this war, which led to the martyrdom of millions of Iraqis, orphaned four million children, and destroyed an Arab country.

    (…) As long as the league is active in support of Arab Spring revolutions, we call upon them and the secretary general once again, to expel Tony Blair from the entire region, and relinquish his ridiculously inappropriate job as International Peace Envoy for the Middle East. His hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis. The man is a war criminal, and above all he is a liar who spread lies and fabrications. The only thing he does not conceal is his bias towards Israel; he even works as a consultant to Benjamin Netanyahu, giving him advice on how to deal with Western campaigns aimed at delegitimising Israel internationally and morally. (…) We know about the hypocrisy, the deception and brainwashing that is going on in the Arab region (…) North Korea defends its dignity, saying a big “no” to USA and does not hesitate to go to war in defence of its dignity and people, just as the Afghani resistance and then the Iraqi resistance did. Will the Arabs rise up for their dignity?