• Karl reMarks: Thousands attend ‘Arab Spring’ closing ceremony in Qatar

    In a spectacular event held in the Qatari capital Doha, the Arab Spring was officially declared over on Friday night. Thousands of Arabs of various nationalities and six Qataris attended the emotional event held at Doha’s National Stadium. The three-hour long ceremony featured hundreds of performers, spectacular firework displays and speeches by Arab leaders.

    The decision to host the ceremony in Doha was largely due to Qatar’s neutral position, as it is generally regarded as the Arab country that interfered least in the Arab Spring. Indeed, to highlight Qatar’s neutrality, its international broadcaster Al-Jazeera’s coverage of the Arab Spring consisted mainly of drama and fiction works, avoiding news and factual programmes. This paid large dividends as its received wide acclaim and several awards for its creativity.
    The closing ceremony was devised during the recent Arab League meeting when Arab leaders agreed to hold the event to provide a sense of closure and settle the confusion in the minds of Arab citizens, most of whom were uncertain whether the Arab Spring was still taking place or not. This interfered greatly with their plans for the weekend.