• La saison de la question parlementaire est rouverte à Koweit, avec le ministre du pétrole dans le retentissant scandale de Dow Chemicals (une rupture par Koweit d’un contrat de JV avec l’Aéricain DC qui lui a valu une amende de 2.2 milliards de $) et le ministre de l’intérieur, accusé -par des parlementaires chiites- de manque de coopération avec les EAU dans l’affaire du démantèlement des cellules des FM ...et mieux encore du vol de M16 automatiques +munitions dans un lieu de stockage du ministère

    "“The Dow Chemical deal is one of the biggest financial crimes in the history of Kuwait,” said the grilling."


    Three MPs yesterday filed to grill Oil Minister Hani Hussein over a variety of violations and misconduct, mainly on the payment of the $ 2.2 billion penalty to US Dow Chemical after the government pulled out of a joint deal. Two other MPs meanwhile filed a second request to grill Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Sabah alleging his failure to cooperate with the National Assembly and attempting to cover up a Kuwaiti “terror” cell having links with Islamists under trial in the United Arab Emirates.

    The submission of the two grillings came after a morning of drama yesterday as MPs had initially planned to file three grillings against the oil minister, all focusing on the payment to Dow besides other alleged violations. But after a brief discussion, the three teams agreed to file one grilling to be signed by MPs Saadoun Hammad, Yacoub Al-Sane and Nasser Al-Marri, which highlighted four major violations with the Dow payment remaining the main issue. Besides the Dow issue, MPs also accused the minister of allowing commercial deals with Israel, not taking any action to prevent the sale of alcohol at Kuwait-owned petrol stations in Europe and approving illegal staff promotions at state-owned oil companies.

    The three MPs also accused the minister of failing to take action to stop the sale of alcohol at thousands of petrol stations in Europe owned by Kuwait Petroleum International, a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corp (KPC). He also failed to punish officials who were responsible for maintaining Kuwaiti investments in a company in Europe even after an Israeli company bought a stake in it. The three MPs also accused the minister of approving a large number of staff promotions at oil companies that were in violation of Kuwaiti laws. [...]

    Meanwhile, MPs Safa Al-Hashem and Youssef Al-Zalzalah filed to grill the interior minister over allegations he is not fully cooperating with the Assembly and over the theft of thousands of bullets from ministry stores. The two lawmakers called on the minister to resign because they have solid evidence about the accusations they made in the grilling. They charged that the minister failed to cooperate with MPs by first failing to implement a number of recommendations and also by not answering their questions as he only answered less than half of the questions.

    They held the minister responsible for the robbery of thousands of bullets and even M16 automatic rifles from Interior Ministry stores and that he has failed to maintain law and order in the country, besides failing to implement thousands of court verdicts. But the main issue the lawmakers highlighted are accusations that the minister has refused to supply UAE authorities with information about a number of Kuwaiti Islamists – members of the Muslim Brotherhood – who have links with a group of Emirati Islamists on trial on charges of plotting to overthrow the government.

    They said that the prime minister has acknowledged the information but the interior minister still told UAE authorities that there was no Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, thus undermining the security of Kuwait and its Gulf partner UAE. The two grillings are expected to be debated after two weeks unless the Assembly decides to delay the debate or for any other reason like a government resignation, the ministers’ resignations or others.

    • Et comme quand la chasse aux ministres est ouverte, les têtes tombent : démission du cabinet suite aux menaces de questions parlementaires

      Kuwaiti Cabinet ministers resign amid standoff with MPs
      Kuwait Times - 15 May, 2013

      In what appears to be the first confrontation with supposedly loyal MPs, the government boycotted the parliamentary session yesterday as all Cabinet ministers submitted their resignations to the prime minister a day after five MPs filed to grill the oil and interior ministers.

      National Assembly Speaker Ali Al-Rashed told reporters after a meeting with Justice Minister Shareeda Al-Maousherji that he has been informed that “Cabinet ministers submitted their resignation to the prime minister and accordingly they will not attend the Assembly session tomorrow (today)”.

    • La vie parlementaire a repris son cours normal avec un jeu à couteaux tirés entre pouvoir exécutif et législatif (même si le parlement élu en Déc. 2012 a la réputation d’être docile)

      Kuwaiti Speaker rules out postponement of ministers’ grilling

      Kuwait, May 15 (KUNA) - Speaker of the National Assembly Ali Fahad Al-Rashid on Wednesday [15 May] refuted recent press reports that he reached a deal with His Highness the Prime Minister Shaykh Jabir Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to put off the grillings of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Shaykh Ahmad Al-Humud Al-Sabah and Minister of Oil Hani Husayn.

      “The allegations about the postponement of the two interpellations for three or four weeks are totally untrue and groundless speculations,” Al-Rashid told reporters.

      “If there is any agreement with HH the Prime Minister in this regard, I would announce it in person via the official channels of the Assembly,” he made clear.

      Al-Rashid urged the mass media which carried the reports citing what they called “a senior government official” to be more accurate and credible in their coverage.

      Source : Kuna news agency website, Kuwait, in English 15 May 13