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    Kim Kierkegaardashian is an amazing Twitter account that mashes together the philosophy of Søren #Kierkegaard with tweets from Kim Kardashian. Kierkegaard is a super awesome philosopher that I’m too lazy to read, and Kardashian is some lady who is famous for no reason in particular. So what does that have to do with detournement? Lots, says McKenzie Wark, a professor at the New School for Social Hipster Research.

    First, what is detournament? Well first, it’s actually #détournement and it’s French for “turnabout”, “derailment” and means “hijacking” when you’re talking about airplanes. It’s a political strategy advocated by a bunch of French trolls like Guy #Debord and The Situationists that generally involves fucking with corporate media messages for the #lolz.

    For Wark, the Twitter account exposes the poisonous nature of something or other:

    "I followed that one for a while; it’s hilarious. I kind of love that stuff because it’s so revealing. The side of culture that’s really a giant automatic repurposing machine. Can you build a bot that would, for example, build sentences? And then flip that into the space where it’s the negative, the critique of that very practice? Can you create protocols using a search engine to generate language? That reveals exactly the great poison sea we’re swimming in."

    Le compte @KimKierkegaard

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