• Inside look at the internal strife over Al Jazeera America | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

    Le passage suivant cite Marwan Bishara, outré par le fait que AJA semble avoir choisi d’être une banale chaîne US sans consistance parmi d’autres, notamment sur l’argument que la chaîne serait perçue aux Etats-Unis comme « anti-américaine »

    "What does ’Anti-Americanism’ even mean here? How did you define anti-Americanism to those polled! Do you estimate that criticizing the American government or its policies ’anti-American’ [or] a fundamental ’American’ trait and essential element of its democracy and freedom of speech, not to speak of the role of global media.

    “Do you think The Guardian newspaper asks whether its columnists are anti-American as it expands its presence in America? Or does John [sic] Stewart ask whether John Oliver is an anti-American Brit considering he’s continuously ridiculing American power and at times culture? Since we are Aljazeera from Muslim Qatar, featuring an entire episode critiquing the Catholic Church, why not ask if we are anti Christian! ... Shameful.”