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    The issue explores the contemporary ability of Free Software to constitute a form of epistemological and material critique of contemporary societies. It does so with five research papers and three pieces in a “debate section”.

    An Introduction to “The Critical Power of Free Software: from Intellectual Property to Epistemologies?”
    The issue explores the ability of FLOSS to constitute an epistemological and material critique of contemporary societies.

    Papiers :

    P2P Search as an Alternative to Google: Recapturing Network Value through Decentralized Search

    Free Software and the Law. Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: How Shaking up Intellectual Property Suits Competition Just Fine

    The Ethic of the Code: An Ethnography of a ‘Humanitarian Hacking’ Community

    From Free Software to Artisan Science

    Free Software Trajectories: From Organized Publics to Formal Social Enterprises?

    There Is No Free Software.

    Desired Becomings

    An Envisioning of Free Software’s Potential as a Form of Ccultural, Practical, and Material Critique: A New Perspective on the Implications of FS Peer Production for Social Change?

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