• Incendie sur une plateforme de gaz en Caspienne

    ITAR-TASS : Gas well on fire at Bulla-Deniz offshore Caspian field


    There has been a fire outbreak in a well at the Bulla-Deniz gas condensate field on the Caspian Sea shelf. According to a report posted on the website of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), which is the operator of the field, the fire has engulfed exploration well No 90 in the northeast wing of Bulla-Deniz.
    According to SOCAR, the fire broke out on Saturday night during drilling at a depth of more than 5.8 thousand meters. “At 23:30 local time (22:30 MSK) a wild gas blowout occurred after which the fire started,” the statement says. It says that all the workers who were on the platform were evacuated to the shore.
    “At present, fire-fighting vessels that have surrounded the platform control the situation. The fire extinguishing operation will begin after the plan for shutting down the well is prepared,” SOCAR stated.
    The causes of the fire outbreak are being investigated.
    The Bulla-Deniz field is located in the open sea at a distance of 80 kilometres from Baku. It was discovered in the mid-1970s. The sea depth at the field is about 26 metres.

    Du côté de la société nationale, un peu de langue de bois…
    SOCAR prepares schedule to rectify accident at Bulla-Deniz offshore gas field - Trend.Az

    The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) is conducting work on developing a programme to rectify the consequences of the accident that took place at the Bulla-Deniz offshore gas field, SOCAR head Rovnag Abdullayev told journalists on Monday.

    … prépare un plan d’action pour corriger l’accident…

    Dit autrement, …
    APA - SOCAR vice-president : Overcoming of accident in Bulla-deniz gas field is realized at the cost of internal forces’ - INTERVIEW

    As SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev told journalists yesterday, fire-extinguishing is not a big problem.

    En fait, le problème c’est que la SOCAR aimerait bien ne pas trop démolir le puits existant ( segregation )…

    Preparation works on segregation have already been started in the well. The initial actions comprise to approach the well and clean the broken equipment. Thereafter, we will begin to work for extinguishing and segregation of it. I want to note that the Commission continues its work on a daily basis. Specific measures will be defined for each day depending on the situation.

    On réfléchit, on se prépare et on va bientôt s’attaquer au problème.

    Pas besoin des experts étrangers.

    Q. Media reports that BP-Azerbaijan is closely participating in the fire-extinguishing. What can you say about their role in this situation?
    - BP-Azerbaijan company is one our main foreign partners functioning in Azerbaijan and has been cooperating with the State Oil Company for years. In case of this accident, they addressed us that they are ready to participate in the elimination process of the accident. Taking into account the experience of BP gained in the Gulf of Mexico, we accepted their proposal. We also invited their specialist to the meeting yesterday. Opinions of BP’s experts were also taken into account. It became clear that there is nothing in their approach to the situation. Other Azerbaijan-based foreign oil companies have offered their help in fire-extinguishing. SOCAR appreciates urgent reactions of BP and other foreign partners and their efforts to help us in the situation and thanks their leaderships. Consequently, the proposals of Azerbaijani experts reflect the real situation more clearly. We prefer to solve the issue at the cost of internal forces. I’m sure that Azerbaijani experts will decently overcome this problem.

    « L’analyse de BP, forte de son expérience sur Deepwater Horizon, ne nous apprend rien, on avait déjà tout bon. »


    • Bulla-Deniz, incident toujours en cours. Article du 22/08, le seul sur gg:news ; source arménienne…

      Пожар на месторождении « Булла-дениз » все еще не потушен

      Официальная информация по данному поводу очень скупая.

      Soit pour gg:translate

      Les informations officielles sur cette question est très avare.

      En tous cas, il y a nettement plus de monde autour de la plate-forme que sur les photos précédentes …

      … et il semble de plus en plus difficile de cantonner l’incendie pour sauver les installations.

      EDIT : oups, cette photo est en réalité une photo de Deepwater Horizon…

    • Le point de la situation (23/08) : ça continue, mais comme c’est du gaz, il n’y a pas d’impact sur l’environnement.

      Ecology Ministry : Fire on Bulla-Deniz Has No Effect on Environment of Caspian Sea

      The fire on the Bulla-Deniz gas field that broke out at the beginning of the night of Aug. 18 is still going on. According to the spokesman for SOCAR Nizamaddin Guliyev, the order of the President of SOCAR established a commission to deal with the accident. Estimates of the economic and environmental consequences of the accident will be made later.

      Meanwhile, representatives of the Ministry of Environment are monitoring at the scene to assess the impact of the fire on the environment. Experts estimate the impact as “insignificant.”

      The representative of the Environment Ministry Mirsalam Ganbarov told Turan that for security purposes, to approach the scene of the fire is impossible, and the surveillance and monitoring are conducted in the distant way. Given that methane gas burns, any damage to the environment has not been registered, he said.


      Note : un syndicaliste du secteur prétend qu’il y a des victimes mais qu’elles sont camouflées dans une clinique privée (info du 19/08)

      Fire on Bulla-Deniz Continues (UPDATED)

      However, the head of the Committee for Protection of Oil Workers Rights Mirvari Gahramanli argues that there are victims, but their presence is hidden, and for this purpose they are placed in a private clinic. Gahramanli believes that the fire was caused by leadership of the Office of Complex Drilling Works.

    • Merci, @nicolas2. L’article est de nouveau illustré avec une photo de Deepwater Horizon…

      Fire on the caspian gas well still continues

      The upper structures of the well were removed so that fire will come out of the well vertically without expanding throughout the foundation.

      The attempts have been made to extinguish the fire, but pressure is still high on the well and the traditional methods bring no results. The oilmen’s goal is to save the exploration well, where the drilling progress reached 5868 meters.

    • Aucune nouvelle de la plateforme, mais des sources bien informées semblent indiquer qu’on essaye toujours de l’éteindre… (26/08/13 13:57 locales)
      (photo de Deepwater Horizon)

      Quenching of offshore gas well in Caspian Sea continues - ABC.AZ

      The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has not reported yet on progress with the extinguishing of exploration well #90 at offshore field Bulla-Deniz, a fire at which started at night on 18 August.

      Informed sources say that despite the absence of official reports, the fire-fighting work continues.

    • Un communiqué de la SOCAR ! (26/08/13 17:46 locales)
      la flamme qui s’étendait partout dans un rayon de 350 mètres est désormais dirigée vers le haut à la suite d’utilisation de « moyens militaires »…

      APA - SOCAR specifies plan of works to be carried out for fire-extinguishing in Bulla-deniz field

      SOCAR has made a statement in connection with the fire in Bulla-deniz field.

      According to information, during the accident mouth of the well #90 was closed against equipments and as a result, the flame spread around creating high temperature within a radius of 350 meters. It made impossible to approach the well.
      The information says that first of all the commission consisting of highly skilled employees SOCAR and the Emergency Situations Ministry was to direct the movement of flame vertically. Military technique was used for this purpose. Consequently, the flame was compacted and vertically directed.
      At present, works are being continued in direction of elimination of the accident.

    • À la suite de l’intervention précédente : on aurait pu l’éteindre, mais on ne préfère pas…

      SOCAR localizes fire in Bulla–Deniz field - AzerNews

      The fire could be extinguished. However, it was decided to prevent the breakdown by continuous burning of gas to prevent the sea pollution and maintenance of safety of workers who are on the platform.
      In this purpose, full fire extinguishing was considered as inappropriate, SOCAR said.

    • À noter dans ce dernier article, il y a une nouvelle photo, avec un brûleur bien dirigé dans le sens opposé à la plateforme et isolé par un rideau d’eau. Ce qui semble correspondre à la situation décrite.

      Il n’en est rien, heureusement, car on voit très distinctement des irisations sur la mer… Il s’agit, en fait, d’un recadrage de la plateforme Q4000 utilisée dans le Golfe du Mexique dans le cadre de la dépollution de l’accident de Deepwater Horizon.

      La photo complète, extraite de http://seaturtles.org/article.php?id=1725

      Cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q4000

      Aux dernières nouvelles, elle est toujours dans le Golfe du Mexique, en route vers le sud à 0,1 nœuds…

    • Un rideau d’eau a été créé sur la plateforme. 11 navires présents sur le site, dont le bateau grue Shirvan.

      28/08/13 14h30 locales (3h de plus qu’en France)
      Water screen has been created over the SOCAR damaged offshore gas well - ABC.AZ

      The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) reported about successful process of repairing damages after the accident followed by the fire during the implementation of the drilling program at the exploration well №90 on offshore field Bulla-Deniz.

      SOCAR informs that 11 ships including “Shirvan” crane ship are engaged in the works. The works are conducted by 6 emergency response groups.

      “Today at 8.00am 4 firefighting ships created the water screen over the damaged well head to provide safe working conditions at the drilling platform”, - SOCAR said.

      NB : à 4h du matin (locales) le navire quittait Bakou en route vers le sud (vers la plateforme)

    • Les communiqués de la SOCAR sont toujours aussi incompréhensibles. Celui-ci date d’il y a 2 jours (27/08/13 15h locales, je ne l’avais pas vu)

      Il n’y a plus de feu sur la plateforme, mais toujours à la tête du puits (?)

      The fire at the exploration well of the SOCAR offshore field cannot stop SOCAR’s from taking seismic survey at the site - ABC.AZ

      The fire at the exploration well №90 has been extinguished by the gun-fire of the Azerbaijan State Border Service military ships. The SOCAR specialists are preparing to suppress the fire at the well head – yesterday the firefighting and mine-rescue teams managed to approach the damaged platform at 2-3 meters.

      Sinon, les illustrations continuent à faire le tour du monde des plateformes…

      Celle-ci semble être une plateforme de Mer du Nord (Deepwater Horizon, on finit par bien la reconnaitre…) et a servi à illustrer à peu près tous les champs offshore du monde…

    • APA - SOCAR makes next statement regarding the accident in Bulla-deniz field (29/08/13 14h locales), 20% du matériel débarqué

      The works are being continued in direction of elimination of the accident. As a result of taken measures, 20% of drilling equipment in the well has been dismantled and led to shore.

      Update (30/08/13 14h locales) 40% du matériel débarqué
      APA - 40% of drilling equipment in Bulla-deniz field dismantled

      The works are being continued in direction of elimination of the accident in the well #90 in Bulla-deniz field. About 35-40% of drilling equipment has already been dismantled and led to shore.
      All the measures are being carried out in accordance with the considered plan.

    • 31/08/13 14h locales (on a maintenant un point tous les jours)
      45% de l’équipement à terre.

      SOCAR transports to land about 45 per cent of drilling equipment from emergency platform at Bulla-Deniz - Trend.Az

      SOCAR (the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan) has dismantled and transported to land about 45 per cent of drilling equipment located on the emergency well in the Bulla-Deniz field in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, a SOCAR statement published on Saturday, said.

      … et une nouvelle photo

      cette fois-ci avec un petit rapport avec la plateforme (mais pas avec l’incident) : il s’agit d’une photo prise lors d’une campagne de surveillance écologique en Caspienne en septembre 2012.

      The Ecological Research Expedition of the Ecological Monitoring Department held the ecological monitoring in Bulla Daniz field of N.Narimonov OGED between 04.09.2012 and 07.09.2012 by vessel MPK-452. The samples of sea water, zooplankton, and phytoplankton and bottom sediment were taken from the 17 stations of the above-mentioned field in order to determine the parameters effecting to Caspian Sea. Physical and chemical characteristics of water environment were studies, speed and direction of water flow was measured, meteorological research of the site was made.


    • J’ai laissé passé la journée d’hier (1/09/13) : on en était à 50% débarqué « au rythme prévu »

      SOCAR Transports To Land About 50 Per Cent Of Drilling Equipment From Emergency Platform At Bulla-Deniz

      SOCAR (the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan) has dismantled and transported to land about 50 per cent of drilling equipment located on the emergency well in the Bulla-Deniz field in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, said in a SOCAR statement published on Sunday.
      ’Measures to prevent the accident taken by specialists of SOCAR and the Ministry of Emergency Situations are carried out in accordance with the prescribed schedule’, the statement said.


      Dans le communiqué d’aujourd’hui, 2/09/13, un peu de nouveau : intervention d’une compagnie états-unienne spécialisée et décision de fermeture du puits.
      Et donc, abandon du forage de quasi 6000 mètres ?

      SOCAR to close emergency well at Bulla Deniz platform - Trend.Az

      SOCAR (the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan) has completed cleaning the drilling platform equipment at the Bulla-Deniz field where an accident occurred earlier, a SOCAR statement, published on Monday, reported.
      Work was conducted using the crane ships Shirvan and Z. Tagiyev.
      Measures to prevent the accident taken by SOCAR specialists and the Ministry of Emergency Situations are also involved the representatives of the American company Boots & Coots international company Well Control.
      A decision was taken that the closure of the well will be carried out using the Qurban Abbasov crane vessel. Currently work is underway on the preparation of the ship.


      Enfin, une vidéo du 21/08/13 montrant l’incendie vu de la terre (sans doute, environ 25 km)

    • Travaux suspendus aujourd’hui pour cause de forts vents du nord. (2/09/13 14h locales). SOCAR confirme recourir aux services de Boots & Coots (filiale spécialisée de Halliburton)


      SOCAR has invited specialists from Boots & Coots to extinguish fire at the gas well in the Caspian Sea - ABC.AZ

      The platform has been cleared from the structures fallen during the fire. The Company also requested assistance in fire extinguishing and well conservation from American Company Boots & Coots International Well Control”, - SOCAR reports. The crane ship “Qurban Abbasov” was also sent to the accident site.

      “The works will be continued as soon as the weather conditions get better”, - SOCAR said. Squall northern winds are raging over the Caspian Sea in Absheron peninsula offshore area from the night of September 1.

    • #Bulla_Deniz l’info du jour : quelques chiffres.
      3Mm^3 de gaz brûlés par jour.
      Soit un peu moins de la moitié de ce que brûlait l’ensemble des torchères du gisement ACG à la grande époque.

      Pour info, les 3 millions de mètres cubes de gaz quotidiens équivalent à 2700 tonnes d’équivalent pétrole.

      SOCAR continues works to save well at Bulla-Deniz field - Trend.Az

      According to Abdullayev at the moment some 2.5-3 million cubic meters of gas per day are being burned because of the fire.
      Alongside with this SOCAR head noted that, earlier nearly 6.7 million cubic meters of gas per day were burned in the flare of the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli block of fields without any significant harm to the environment (currently, this indicator is brought to minimum thanks to the engineering measures).

      La photo du jour est une plateforme du gisement Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli. Sans doute la plateforme occidentale.

    • On bosse fort (conformément au plan et avec un nouveau bâtiment de soutien) et c’est pour bientôt.

      Bientôt 4 semaines. Le rythme de l’info se ralentit très nettement…

      SOCAR attracts ship with special equipment to extinguish emergency well - Trend.Az

      Gurban Abbasov vessel will also be involved in extinguishing the fire. Now the ship is being prepared. Currently, serious work is carried out, and most likely in the near future the fire will be eliminated," Yusufzadeh said.
      According to him, work is going according to plan.

      Le Gurban Abasov (après refonte complète en 2011)

      et sa grue de 600 tonnes

    • Aujourd’hui, on fait le ménage sur la plateforme…

      SOCAR starts cleaning emergency well platform at Bulla-Deniz field - AzerNews

      Azerbaijan’s state energy company SOCAR starts cleaning the territory of the platform around the broken down well at the Bulla-Deniz field in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, SOCAR said on September 12.
      The company reported that the cooling of the platform is carried out uninterruptedly where the broken down well is located. The work is implemented with the help of “Whirlwind” and “Caspian Support” vessels.

    • Bulla Deniz : rien de neuf (et la photo ne change plus depuis bientôt 3 semaines)

      SOCAR : Work on elimination of accident at Bulla-Deniz directed to its rescue - Trend.Az

      All efforts on elimination of the accident at the Bulla-Deniz well are being directed towards its saving, SOCAR head Rovnag Abdullayev told journalists on Monday.
      According to him, in order to save the well, the State Oil Company turned to Halliburton which has extensive experience with flowing wells and now experts from this company are working within the prepared programme.
      “Currently work is being carried out for clearing the area around the well, so that they can install the equipment necessary for commissioning it,” Abdullayev stressed.
      Regarding the assessment of the damage caused by the accident, Abdullayev said that estimates will be conducted after the completion of the work on elimination of the accident.

    • According to him, the extinction of the well is not a problem. C’est après que ça se complique…

      State Energy Company to replace equipment at Bulla-Deniz emergency well - AzerNews (20/09/13)

      Azerbaijan’s state energy company SOCAR is preparing to replace equipment burned out at the gas exploration well at the Caspian field of Bulla Daniz that has been blazing since August 17, SOCAR vice-president of oil-gas production and transportation Rahman Gurbanov told Baku-based Trend news agency on September 20.
      Gurbanov heads the special commission for eliminating the outcome of the Bulla-Deniz accident.

      According to him, the extinction of the well is not a problem . The main task in the process of elimination of the accident’s outcome is the completion of preparations and subsequently the closing of the well.

      “Currently preparations are underway to replace the entire equipment which was burned down. After completion of this process, the well will be closed and discarded,” Gurbanov said.

    • Reprise du feuilleton après 8 jours de silence radio.
      Apparemment, les équipes vont commencer à poser de quoi contrôler la tête du puits.

      Un cadeau pour le futur nouveau mandat du président ?

      SOCAR to install new equipment at Bulla Deniz emergency well - AzerNews

      Azerbaijan’s state energy company SOCAR has launched the installation of the control head in the emergency gas exploration well at the Caspian field of Bulla Deniz that has been blazing since August 17, SOCAR head Rovnag Abdullayev told journalists on October 1.
      According to him, all necessary equipment was delivered and tested and deployed before. However, work was not carried out last week due to bad weather. Currently, the weather is conducive for installing the equipment.

    • Du 4 octobre…
      SOCAR speeds up closure of gas blowout of emergency well in Caspian Sea - Trend.Az

      SOCAR is preparing to cut off the unusable flange connection at the emergency wellhead at Bulla-Deniz field in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea, according to a statement released by the State Oil Company on Friday.
      According to the statement, for now in the framework of preparation to cut the flange connection, cutting system delivered from USA, is being installed in the construction site of SOCAR.
      After completion of the cutting process, the works will start to assembly the wellhead and to direct gas to the gas transportation system

    • Bulla Deniz 90, après 15 jours de silence complet, une brève sur la plate-forme en feu, abondamment reprise (localement), même si elle ne contient rigoureusement aucun élément nouveau.

      Ah si, une nouvelle photo … de Deepwater Horizon !

      Fire continues burning on Bulla Deniz field

      Fire continues burning on the well No 90 on the Bulla Deniz field owned by State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) for three months.

      On August 17, 2013 at 11.30 p.m. local time, 80 km south of Baku, there was an accident on the exploration well on the depth of 5868 meters under high gas pressure. The well flowing has caused fire, which continues till now. According to SOCAR’s estimates, the gas pressure was so high that every day over 5-6 million cub.m. of natural gas was burnt. Then the gas flow decreased to 2.5-3 million cub.m. 

      SOCAR said that it has no problems with fire extinguishing. The main goal is to save the exploration well, because there is a possibility to use the equipment left on the well after extinguishing and complete drilling. A lot of money and over a year was spent for drilling of a deep well.

      Ça fait donc un tout petit peu plus de 2 mois que l’extinction de l’incendie ne pose aucun problème…

    • Bulla Deniz 90, on y est presque…
      Apparemment, il reste à raccorder une dérivation.

      SOCAR : Elimination of accident at Bulla Deniz field nearing completion - Trend.Az

      The process of elimination of the accident on a well at the Bulla Deniz offshore field is nearing completion, head of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, Rovnag Abdullayev told journalists.
      According to him, basically all works have already been conducted as part of the preparatory process for connection of the well.
      In particular it is planned to install a preventer on the well, when weather conditions improve. This will allow connecting the well to the network.
      “The process of elimination of the accident at the well is at final stage,” Abdullayev said.

      Nota : encore une nouvelle photo, mais il est vrai que j’ai changé de journal. Ici, c’est l’appareillage de la plate-forme TPG500 de Shah Deniz en 2005 ou 2006 (c’est juste à côté).


      avec quelques détails en plus

      APA - Rovnag Abdullayev speaks about work done at accident site of Bulla Deniz field

      “Prevention of accident at Bulla Deniz field is at the last stage. Together with State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, the US Company did the main work. Final work to bring 40-ton cranes is being done”, said the SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev.
      According to him, the works on installation of pipe lines and tubes have already been completed.
      “As a final stage, we’ll start putting of 40-ton cranes over the well. These works wil start tomorrow. This is a great and hard work”, he added.

      Avec une signification du mot prévention un peu particulière.

    • Bulla Deniz, le puits est éteint, aujourd’hui 24 octobre.
      Fin du feuilleton…

      Fire at emergency well in Bulla Deniz field extinguished:source (UPDATE) - AzerNews

      Azerbaijan’s state energy company SOCAR has eliminated the fire in the gas exploration well at the Caspian field Bulla Deniz that has been blazing since August 17, a source in the oil and gas market told the Baku-based Trend news agency on October 24.
      SOCAR said that due to the conscientious efforts of the company’s experts and the American company Boots & Coots, the process of installation of anti-gushing equipment at the well was completed and the well was fully taken under control, as a result of which the fire was extinguished.
      According to the state oil company, currently work on li(n)king the well with the manifold is underway.

    • Merci !
      Ce qui m’a frappé quand j’étais sur place, c’est que rigoureusement personne n’était au courant. Quand on me demandait comment j’étais au courant, je répondais : « allez sur le front de mer le soir et regardez en direction de la salle de l’Eurovision ».
      À chaque fois, on commençait à m’expliquer que c’était normal, que c’était une torchère… et quand je montrais la vidéo où, heureusement, on distingue parfaitement bien les couleurs azerbaïdjanaises sur la cheminée du bateau arroseur, on me redemandait comment je le savais.
      Seule exception, ma voisine dans l’avion qui était au courant. C’était d’ailleurs la seule du groupe de 6 écossais venant régulièrement bosser pour BP.