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  • Mexico police launch manhunt for vigilante ’huntress of bus drivers’ | World news | theguardian.com

    Two decades ago Ciudad Juárez became infamous for the murders of dozens of young women who often disappeared after leaving their jobs in assembly-for-export factories. Their raped, tortured and mutilated bodies were typically found dumped in the desert.

    Two years ago the beleaguered border city topped global violence lists when rival drug cartels recruited and trained vicious killers to wage war as a misjudged crackdown generated more violence.

    Today police are investigating what initial evidence suggests could be a different kind of serial killer – a middle-aged woman out to avenge past sexual crimes committed by bus drivers.

    “Witnesses say she was about 40 to 50, was dressed in black and had blonde hair, but it might have been a wig,” police spokesman Arturo Sandoval said of the prime suspect in the murder of two bus drivers killed as they worked on the same route on two successive days last week. Witness accounts indicate that she shot the drivers as she got off their buses.

    The vengeance theory developed early on with reports that before the second murder she shouted: “You lot think you are so tough.” It took off at the weekend when local media received an email signed by “Diana, huntress of bus drivers”.

    The mail claimed to be from a factory worker who had suffered violence from bus drivers and was fed up that nothing had been done to protect people like her.

    “I am an instrument to take revenge for several women,” the email said. “Society may think that we are weak, but in reality we are brave and if we are not respected we will make ourselves respected. Juárez women are strong.”

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