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  • A literature review on Trichoderma :

    Plants are protected from numerous classes of plant pathogen by responses that are similar to systemic acquired resistance and rhizobacteria-induced systemic resistance. Root colonization by Trichoderma spp. also frequently enhances root growth and development, crop productivity, resistance to abiotic stresses and the uptake and use of nutrients. As most of the crops are infected by the soil borne plant pathogens that primarily attack the vulnerable seeds or seedlings, the Trichoderma can be applied directly to target area, i.e., to seeds or seedlings and a single application using an existing delivery system (seed treatment, biopriming, furrow treatment) can significantly reduce crop losses. A number of successful products based on different species of Trichoderma have been commercialized in India and elsewhere. Whatever the limitations these Trichoderma products may have, it can be addressed by enhancing biocontrol through manipulation of the environment, accurate strain identification by molecular approach, using mixtures of beneficial organisms, physiological and genetic enhancement of biocontrol mechanisms, and manipulation of formulations. In some instances, other alternative methods that alone do not provide adequate protection may be integrated with application of biocontrol agents to provide additive or synergistic effects.

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