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  • Narus STA - Semantic Traffic Analyser & Room 614A

    This problem is solved with “splitters” which literally split off a percentage of the light signal so it can be examined. This is the purpose of the special cabinet referred to above: Circuits are connected into it, the light signal is split into two signals, one of which is diverted to the “secret room.” The cabinet is totally unnecessary for the circuit to perform — in fact it introduces problems since the signal level is reduced by the splitter — its only purpose is to enable a third party to examine the data flowing between sender and recipient on the internet.


    The (Narus) STA Platform consists of stand-alone traffic analyzers that collect network and customer usage information in real time directly from the message.... These analyzers sit on the message pipe into the ISP (internet service provider) cloud rather than tap into each router or ISP device" (Telecommunications magazine, April 2000). A Narus press release (1 Dec., 1999) also boasts that its Semantic Traffic Analysis (STA) technology "captures comprehensive customer usage data ... and transforms it into actionable information.... (It) is the only technology that provides complete visibility for all internet applications.


    Narus is [an Israelian now 17]-year-old company which, because of its particular niche, appeals not only to businessmen (it is backed by AT&T, JP Morgan and Intel, among others) but also to police, military and intelligence officials. Last November 13-14 [2003], for instance, Narus was the “Lead Sponsor” for a technical conference held in McLean, Virginia, titled “Intelligence Support Systems for Lawful Interception and Internet Surveillance.” Police officials, FBI and DEA agents, and major telecommunications companies eager to cash in on the “war on terror” had gathered in the hometown of the CIA to discuss their special problems.


    Narus provides a Carrier Class IP Platform for the largest, most profitable networks in the world. The Narus IP platform offers a “Total Network View” through the real-time collection and analysis of one packet to billions of packets across multiple networks at up to OC192 rates. The Narus IP Platform is used by Tier 1 carriers to enable IP applications such as billing, infrastructure protection, policy enforcement, and IP monitoring. Narus is privately held and fully funded, backed by, Intel, JP Morgan Partners, Mayfield, NeoCarta, Presidio Venture Partners, Sumisho Electronics and Walden Ventures

    A YouTube video from Brother Nathanael (nevermind...) which features interesting footage on Narus and Mark Klein. (backup link)

    Mark Klein is a former AT&T technician who leaked knowledge of his company’s cooperation with the United States National Security Agency in installing network hardware to monitor, capture and process American telecommunications. The subsequent media coverage became a major story in May 2006.

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