• Plenty of Lenins standing in Kyiv

    Quel avenir pour les symboles soviétiques dans l’Ukraine post-soviétique ?

    A man carries a wrecked bas-relief of Vladimir Lenin taken from the Communist Party’s headquarters in Kyiv after EuroMaidan Revolution supporters destroyed Soviet symbols on April 9. © UNIAN

    Probably most people in Kyiv – and many around the world – have seen the video of EuroMaidan protesters toppling the city’s most famous Vladimir Lenin from its pedestal on Shevchenko Boulevard.

    But the city still has plenty of other Soviet symbols, including at least 10 more Lenin statues. Ukraine inherited more than 1,500 statues of the Bolshevik Revolution leader, compared to only 1,256 monuments to Taras Shevchenko, Ukraine’s iconic poet.

    During the EuroMaidan Revolution, protesters removed 318 Lenin statues all over the country. But his image is hard to remove, even in Kyiv.

    Dans la rue, exposés aux destructions et au vandalisme ou en musée.

    The best way to preserve the historical valuable monuments, Osmak said, is to open a museum of Soviet monumental art.

    Avec cet argument qui ne devrait pas laisser indifférent certains honorables contributeurs…

    Many people, however, are still interested in Kyiv’s Soviet heritage. A year ago Interesting Kyiv launched its “Back to the USSR” tour which aims to show Kyiv’s Soviet face, preserved in architecture. The three-hour tour starts near the National Opera on Volodymyrska Street and moves towards European Square, where the former Lenin museum (currently the Ukrainian House) was located. Tours are available in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages and cost Hr 60.

    Finberg says that those tours are popular with foreigners because “the Soviet period is an unavoidable part of Ukraine’s history and foreigners are often interested particularly in this period.”