• Par communiqué de presse la société israélienne Scopustech http://www.scopustech.co.il me prie de vous annoncer qu’elle sera à Eurosatory pour présenter son nouveau produit :

    A new real-time spherical vision system for defense and homeland security that produces and records spherical movies over an area covering 360⁰

    “What is absolutely unique about the system is its capability to work with either a visual or an infrared imager or even a combination of both day and thermal imaging at very high panoramic frame rates and resolution.”

    The 360in1 Spherical Vision System has a flexible architecture and is built on three core modules - image generation, image processing and image rendering - to deliver an output that can be individually controlled (e.g., view angle, size, zoom, recording, pause, resume) by different users. Spherical vision can be displayed using individual monitors, multiple monitors, video walls, virtual reality headsets, or through easy integration with command and control (C2) systems.

    “It is the ideal system for situational awareness on moving platforms like tanks or armored vehicles, but is also a valuable pair of eyes to secure a perimeter around vehicles, vessels and assets, or for complete close to medium range surveillance.”

    Having successfully passed the development stage in 1Q 2014, the 360in1 Spherical Vision System has already attracted the interest of military users, institutions, integrators and security forces in a number of countries.

    “We have fine-tuned the mechanics, optics, hardware and algorithms to create undistorted, precise spherical high-definition movies in real time – there is virtually no delay,” Kandler said.

    Spherical vision is created using our Rotating Image Generation method. The camera system rotates at high speed and captures numerous images from different angles per rotation. Smart algorithms are used to combine a huge database of still images into an undistorted spherical movie - with a horizontal FOV of 360° and a vertical FOV of up to 70°.

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