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    ZDF reveals the truth about the death of 3 Israelis on June 2014 - YouTube

    Ajoutée le 23 juil. 2014

    German channel ZDF aired a report about the alleged murder of the three Israelis last June, which led to the war carried currently against Gaza.

    The report, made by journalist Christian Sievers, revealed that the kidnappers had no political agenda but they were willing to get a ransom from the Israeli families before things get complicated, ending with the death of the hostages.

    Sievers says that Israeli intelligence knew about the incident and its purpose, yet the file was classified by orders from PM Netenyahu, and the army took over the investigation to blame Palestinian resistance for it and start a war.

    The journalist in the end accuses the Israeli government of committing war crimes and conspiracy on civilians, both Palestinians and Israelis.

    et de fait, j’ai lu (où ?) aujourd’hui que l’armée n’accusait plus le Hamas de l’enlèvement des ces trois jeunes.