• 16 | August | 2014 | Intellectual Basha

    « What will people say of us ?! ».

    The « us » signifies the symbiosis created by regime, media, and public intellectuals in the sixties. « People » are the ones to be convinced by the transparency of the investigation, ordered by the regime and entrusted to the media. This episode tells a great deal about the foundations of the present day Egyptian media. Also, it says a lot about the mission in which Egyptian intellectuals nurtured by Nasserist milk still believe. Far from being a flip-flop, Hamdî Qandîl didn’t stop believing in the Nasserist dream, while often taking critical stances against political leaders such as Mubarak. A revolutionary and critical intellectual. This is the image of him drawn by the media.

    A partir de l’exemple de Hamdi Qandil, journaliste confessant les « terroristes » des années 60 à la télévision égyptienne, un questionnement historique sur l’expérience des intellectuels et des médias, y compris dans l’Egypte d’aujourd’hui bien entendu.

    A lire !