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  • Ils vont vraiment commencer à me courir eux !!!

    Echange de mail à l’instant entre la team #Google chargé de review de profils et moi.

    #Google+ #FailNamePolicy

    On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 11:02 PM, Google Profiles Support <profiles-support@google.com> wrote:

    Thank you for contacting us with regard to our review of the name you are
    trying to use in your Google Profile. After review of your appeal, we have
    determined that the name you want to use violates our Community Standards.
    You can review our name guidelines at

    If you edit your name to comply with our policies in the future, please
    respond to this email so that we can re-review your profile.

    The Google Profiles Support Team

    Good Evening,

    Thanks for having reviewing my profile but I’m really sorry to say the reason you are invoking for blocking me on G+ are just unacceptable, in regards with French Laws.

    I’m using this profile under a nickname since 2005 now and this has never been a problem for anyone. Your guidelines tell that we have to use the name people usually know us by, and fact is that this nickname, Loiseau2nuit, IS my usual nick, meaning the name people on the internet usually know me by.

    My real name if ever you really need it for your databeses can be found in many ways considering this account is linked, for ID recovery purposes, to many other online services, including google ones, on wich my full identity is largely mentioned. Just have a look in your database, specificaly the GoogleApps products that are linked to this account.

    BUT this account is personnal and largelly used on many plateforms on which my pseudonimity has to be preserved, as mentioned in french laws regarding privacy : pseudonimity IS a fundamental right here in France and whatever the kind of products used with my account, It shall be preserved with no reserve.

    Please be kind to review your decision again and thanks in advance for any feedbacks.

    <my real name> aka Loiseau2nuit❞

    • À mon avis ce « Neil » est pas clair, en tous cas il signe pas de son « real name ». Il m’a envoyé exactement la même lettre.

    • Mouais... ce qui m’énerve c’est qu’après discussion avec @imnotalone (sur twitter) j’ai l’impression que mon mail n’est rien d’autres qu’un coup d’épé dans l’eau.

      Cerise sur le gâteau, ces gars là ont même le culot de te demander une copie deta carte d’identité pour justifier de ton patronyme. Faut quand même pas se foutre de la gueule du monde. Depuis quand #Google est-il Officier de Police Judiciare ???? oO

    • Réponse expeditive obtenue ce soir :

      It is against our policy for users to use a pseudonym for their display name.

      Clair, net, précis, concis...
      Il est même pas joueur ce Neil... pfff, p’tit bras va ! Sors donc de Mountain View et viens donc voir ici si t’as le foie qu’il faut pour assumer ta condescendance. Branquignolle va !