“You know what I did? I left troops to take the oil. I took the oil. The only troops I have are taking the oil, they’re protecting the oil. I took over the oil.”

  • Archives : juin 2012, Max Blumenthal dénonce le Akhbar comme « propagandiste de Bachar Assad » et, en particulier, ridiculise l’idée que plusieurs milliers de combattants islamistes auraient pour but de « proclamer un caliphat islamique en Syrie ». (Dès novembre suivant, les « libérateurs » d’Alep annonçaient le désir d’établir un « État islamique juste », en posant devant un drapeau salafiste ; et évidemment Daech prétendra réaliser l’Émirat en juin 2014.)

    The right to resist is universal : A farewell to Al Akhbar and Assad’s apologists

    Echoing Assad, Ghorayeb has referred to the Syrian army’s pornographically violent crackdowns on what by all accounts is still a mostly homegrown resistance as “the regime’s war against the foreign sponsored terrorists and insurrectionists,” calling for “a security solution to root [them] out.” At the Al Akhbar’s Arabic site, Jean Aziz predicted a complete Salafi takeover of Syria if Assad falls. Meanwhile, Ibrahim al Amin claimed that the Syrian opposition “cop[ied] the modus operandi which was devised by the leadership of al-Qaeda,” then uncritically quoted an unnamed regime source who insisted that “a hardline majority of the armed groups have come to be led by non-Syrians.” Similarly, Narwani asserted that a shadowy 5000-man ultra-Islamist militia has been operating inside the city of Homs with “plans to declare an Islamic Caliphate in Syria” — Creeping Shariah! She based her remarkable assertion on a single conversation with an anonymous journalist.

    Le texte de Blumenthal contient en particulier une remarque d’une grande faiblesse, mais qui a cela d’intéressant qu’elle est reprise par les usual suspects (Thomas Pierret me l’a sortie) :

    (ironically, they seem to have little problem with Hezbollah’s core Islamist values)