“You know what I did? I left troops to take the oil. I took the oil. The only troops I have are taking the oil, they’re protecting the oil. I took over the oil.”

    • Signalé par Stephen Walt:

      Fear, Incorporated: Who’s paying for all that Islamophobic paranoia? - By Stephen Walt | Stephen M. Walt

      The irony in all this that the extremists examined in this report have gone to great lengths to convince Americans that there is a vast Islamic conspiracy to subvert American democracy, impose sharia law, and destroy the American way of life. Instead, what we are really facing is a well-funded right-wing collaboration to scare the American people with a bogeyman of their own creation, largely to justify more ill-advised policies in the Middle East.

      (c’est moi qui souligne).

    • Très intéressante, la réaction des néoconservateurs de American Thinker :

      Blog : The Soros-supported Center for American Progress blames rich Jews for stoking Islamophobia

      Who are the figures mentioned as the promoters of prejudice? Most of them are prominent Jews and supporters of Israel, such as David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson (the founder of the Investigative Project on Terrorism). The eight foundations mentioned as funding this effort include are almost exclusively ones founded and funded by Jewish donors, and lest readers not be aware of this fact, the Center for American Progress lists not only the other beneficiaries of the charities and foundations (most of them having Jewish or Israel in the title) but also goes to the trouble of naming the individuals behind these charities — not just the donors but also those who serve on the boards.

      Why include this additional information except to highlight that Jewish people are behind this effort to “defame” Muslims? By “outing” the people involved, the report puts endangers them. Furthermore, this “report” relies on the conspiracy and age-old anti-Semitic trope that Jews fan prejudice towards others and promotes divisions for their own nefarious purposes (to support Israel in this case). This mindset is straight out of Mein Kampf.

      De ce que je vois dans le rapport, ça ne se focalise justement pas sur des donateurs/acteurs juifs américains, mais plus largement sur des illuminés chrétiens américains (surtout !), un ancien milicien chrétien maronite libanais... En accusant American Progress d’antisémitisme, ce sur quoi American Thinker attire l’attention, c’est que le point commun de ce réseau de la haine est l’ultra-sionisme de droite (largement likoudnik), que ses membres soient juifs ou non.

    • Ce qui est sympa dans le commentaire d’American Thinker, au delà du point Godwin c’est :

      This will work its magic in the Muslim world, a substantial fraction of which believes that “defaming” Islam is legitimately punishable by death at the hands of any righteous Muslim. By thoughtfully providing a hit list, the CAP does its part to spread fear and — yes — terror among the opponents of radical Islam.

      Moralité : ce rapport n’excuse pas simplement les terroristes : il est, lui même, de nature terroriste.

    • @baroug : oui. Mais c’est un classique du sionisme de droite américain. Il s’agit des États-Unis, avec deux caractéristiques : (a) la liberté d’expression interdit de « condamner » une simple opinion (et le racisme est une opinion aux États-Unis - il ne suffit pas, comme en France, de dire des choses comme « ça n’est pas une opinion, c’est un délit »), (b) l’extrême-droite sioniste américaine, et notamment sa composante d’extrémistes religieux chrétiens, est elle-même raciste et facilement antisémite.

      Du coup, cette droite ne peut répondre simplement en taxant une opinion de « raciste » ou « antisémite » (ce qui suffit à disqualifier un interlocuteur en France) : il faut affirmer que cette opinion a une conséquence pratique directe, en ce qu’elle constitue un appel au meurtre. Et ça, même aux États-Unis, c’est interdit et moralement indéfendable.

      Du coup, aux É-U, c’est un classique : il faut toujours aller plus loin que l’imputation d’antisémitisme et pousser le bouchon jusqu’à l’appel au meurtre qui, lui, ne ressort pas de la liberté d’expression.

    • Le Doha Institute vient de publier son propre commentaire sur ce rapport :

      The Islamophobia Network in the United States

      In conclusion, I focus on the four following points:

      First: Islamophobia is on the rise in the United States, and it has become more widespread in this past decade than at any other time previously; it has also increased dramatically since 2008.

      Second: Islamophobia has its own structure and organization, and enjoys a network of collaborating and coexisting groups that share a hefty budget, experts, and supporters.

      Third: The study that I have summarized is extremely useful and contains many facts and examples and a careful study of the backgrounds of the major players in the Islamophobia network.

      Fourth: The study’s importance mandates its translation into Arabic; Arab and Muslim organizations will benefit from its practical strategy to combat the dangers of increasing Islamophobia.