• Collectif Ogino Knauss (Ogino Knaus est une contraception par abstinence sexuelle durant la période de fécondité)
    "Le collectif ogino:knauss a démarré ses activités au milieu des années 1990, sur la scène alternative florentine. La démarche d’ogino:knauss se caractérise par un attrait pour l’architecture et la vidéo. Tout comme les situationnistes, ils partent à la dérive pour explorer les facettes modernistes de nos cités, ces lieux où l’être humain se débrouille avec l’environnement qui lui est imposé. Leur attrait pour des endroits marginalisés et périphériques les a mené à filmer à La Havane, Moscou, Detroit, Berlin, Belgrade, Mexico...
    De ces récits de voyage, ils distillent des vidéos, des photos et des performances.

    Ogino Knauss is a collective active since 1995. Born as mutant cinema laboratory, acts during the years as a constant drift through audio visual languages and communication practices. The group experiments with VJing techniques as a peculiar form of open narrative, in contrast to the dominant tendency to create video
    tapestries as an ornament to musician and DJ s production. Developing its action
    at the crossing point between the exploration of etherotopic spaces and the exhibition of disclosing practices of the audiovisual device, Ogino knauss led a steady exploration of new spatial and creative contexts to confront, such as cultural centers, public spaces, temporary occupied zones, art galleries, festivals,dancefloors. Among many others ogi:no knauss collaborated or played live sessions with:
    Autechre, Autobam, Vladislav Delay, DJ Ultracore, Masami Akita & Zbigniew Karkowski, Otolab, OTK, Rich Medina, Terre Thaemlitz.

    In more recent projects, the attention has been focused on the globalizing urban landscape, applying image production techniques in the attempt to develop innovative listening and description practices about cultural urban processes. Urban explorations leading to performative acts or installations have place in such locations as Florence, Riccione, Berlin, New York, Rome,
    Milan, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, La Habana. The anthological project, Triplicity, focusing on the co-related production of space and image in the evolving global landscape, has been presented
    world wide as live performance or installation and has been published as an interactive DVD + book by AVrec.

    Tout le site est sous Flash, je ne sais comment exporter photos et vidéos ou meme si c’est possible.Cinéma expérimental, musique expérimentale, c’est riche et vraiment intéressant.
    Parallélement le collectif a aussi ouvert blog plus institutionnel dans ses propositions et centré sur un projet unique.

    Re:centering Periphery|Ogino Knauss

    “The research project will reconnect a series of location-based interventions in a trajectory constituting the thread for a critical discourse about and around modernism and periphery. In
    each location a cooperation will be set up with cultural institutions, festivals or community organizations offering a temporary residence and supporting ogino knauss in the production of
    a performative / public art intervention. This will be a site-specific autonomous production, providing the trigger for an investigation process seizing cultural undercurrents and local
    memories in that local context. This production process is aimed at positioning the crew as active subjects interacting on specific issues with the local reality, instead of pursuing a neutral, detached, objective vision of the place, and providing original keys to subsequently produce a documentary film.

    The overall objective is to retrace an alternative history of the modernist ideology and its inspirational models trying to confront the theoretical discourse with its actual consequences on peoples life. We will look for emblematic outcomes of the architectural ideology, starting from prototypical figures such as Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, filming how their projects
    look nowadays and how they are experienced by their inhabitants. We will document both successful models and tragic failures, as for instance the dystopical French banlieus, the shrinking cities in
    the former eastern Germany, the declining industrial north American city and the unceasingly growing Asian metropolitan peripheries. Such a physical environment will be investigated through a steady confrontation with its everyday life practices and the cultural currents crossing, inhabiting and transforming the urban space.

    A particular attention in the project will be devoted in developing a practice of “rhythamalysis” applied to the urban environment, following once again the suggestions of a thinker as Henry Lefebvre, in the attempt to capture city’s rhythm, besides its fixed physical form. Parallel to the specific location based activity, our will is to gather a series of conversations / interviews with thinkers, scholars and political figures that can provide a critical framework about concepts as modernism, periphery and transformative practices.

    At the moment we are working on productions on Moskow and Berlin. For future steps, we are considering at among the many possibilities Detroit, Marseille, Istanbul, Gouang Zhou, Beograd, Buenos Aires, Manchester.
    Assessments and contacts with local institutions and festivals are in progress in order to better define the program of exploration. We are interested in discussing possibility to set up projects with institutions, local groups and projects, and in receive suggestions and critics about the projects.”

    Chaine Vimeo https://vimeo.com/oginoknauss
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