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  • Rape is being used to terrorise the population, says DRC gynaecologist | World news | The Guardian

    At least 100 women were brutally attacked in the South Kivu province of Congo last week – yet another atrocity amid more than a decade of sexual violence that has earned the region the title “rape capital of the world”.

    Many of the victims are being treated at a free hospital run by Denis Mukwege, a leading Congolese gynaecologist and rights activist who has been working in the region for the past 18 years. His Panzi hospital is in Bukavu, the epicentre of the ongoing conflict.

    This type of violence has little to do with sex and much more with power through a sort of terrorism
    Denis Mukwege

    In a region critically lacking basic healthcare, Mukwege, an expert in reconstructive surgeries for rape victims, has saved the lives of more than 40,000 women – the majority of them victims of brutal gang rapes by soldiers and militias that started during the second Congo war in 1998, and have continued to the present day.

    In 2014 Mukwege was the recipient of the EU’s highest human rights award, the Sakharov Prize.

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