• The truth about Diego Garcia (la base de bien des #complots)

    First, they tried to shoot the dogs. Next, they tried to poison them with strychnine. When both failed as efficient killing methods, British government agents and U.S. Navy personnel used raw meat to lure the pets into a sealed shed. Locking them inside, they gassed the howling animals with exhaust piped in from U.S. military vehicles. Then, setting coconut husks ablaze, they burned the dogs’ carcasses as their owners were left to watch and ponder their own fate.

    The truth about the U.S. military base on the British-controlled Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia is often hard to believe. It would be easy enough to confuse the real story with fictional accounts of the island found in the Transformers movies, on the television series 24, and in Internet conspiracy theories about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight #MH370.

    Exil forcé loin de Diego Garcia, par Hakim Malaisé (@mdiplo)

    Dans les années 1960, l’archipel s’était retrouvé au cœur d’une vaste réorganisation du dispositif militaire anglo-américain dans l’océan Indien. L’empire britannique s’apprêtant à retirer toutes ses forces « à l’est d’Aden » et à passer le relais aux Etats-Unis, le Pentagone avait arrêté son choix sur Diego Garcia, l’île la plus vaste de l’archipel (44 km2).