• Paris’s Voiceless Find a Megaphone Online

    The blog, which was created during the riots that spread through France in 2005, gives a voice to groups often underrepresented in mainstream news media coverage. Self-described citizen journalism, the Bondy Blog regularly reports on politics and social issues, with many of the writers sharing scenes and moments from their lives at work or in the neighborhood.

    The blog, which has 220,000 visitors a month, has won awards for its work, and its journalists regularly collaborate with outlets like Télérama, Elle, Le Monde.fr, Canal Plus, L’ Obs and Radio France.

    Over the years, the blog has evolved into a rich source for scholars, journalists and activists interested in the banlieues, said Hisham D. Aidi, a Columbia University researcher and the author of “Rebel Music,” a study on Muslim youth politics in Europe and the United States that discusses the Bondy Blog.

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