• Linus Torvalds: Software and Process Patents Don’t Make Sense | Muktware

    Linus Torvalds on Oracle-Google dispute
    Swapnil: What is your opinion about the whole Oracle Google court battle over Android?
    Linus: I don’t really know all that much about that and that is another example of lawsuits not being all that great. It seems to be completely bogus and it is kind of embarrassing. One of the defenses that Google was using was the posting by Jonathan Schwartz’s blog entry saying that he was so happy that Google is using their technology and then the fact that company, after being sold a few years later, turns around and sues Google for using their technology — that kind of tells you that "OK, there is something wrong going on”.

    I don’t actually know the details. I mean Java I really don’t care about. What a horrible language. What a horrible VM. So, I am like whatever, you are barking about all this crap, go away. I don’t care.

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