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  • Pandora’s box: how GM mosquitos could have caused Brazil’s microcephaly disaster - The Ecologist

    In Brazil’s microcephaly epidemic, one vital question remains unanswered: how did the #Zika #virus suddenly learn how to disrupt the development of human embryos? The answer may lie in a sequence of ’jumping DNA’ used to engineer the virus’s mosquito vector - and released into the wild four years ago in the precise area of Brazil where the microcephaly crisis is most acute.

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    • Has the GM nightmare finally come true?

      So down to the key question: was the Oxitec’s GM Aedes aegypti male-sterile mosquito released in Juazeiro engineered with the piggyBac transposon? Yes, it was. And that creates a highly significant possibility: that Oxitec’s release of its GM mosquitos led directly to the development of Brazil’s microcephaly epidemic through the following mechanism:

      1. Many of the millions of Oxitec GM mosquitos released in Juazeiro in 2011/2012 survive, assisted, but not dependent on, the presence of tetracycline in the environment.

      2. These mosquitos interbreed with with the wild population and their novel genes become widespread.

      3. The promiscuous piggyBac transposon now present in the local Aedes aegypti population takes the opportunity to jump into the Zika virus, probably on numerous occasions.

      4. In the process certain mutated strains of Zika acquire a selective advantage, making them more virulent and giving them an enhanced ability to enter and disrupt human DNA.

      5. One way in which this manifests is by disrupting a key stage in the development of human embryos in the womb, causing microcephaly and the other reported deformations. Note that as Melo Oliveira et al warn, there are almost certainly other manifestations that have not yet been detected.

      6. It may be that the piggyBac transposon has itself entered the DNA of babies exposed in utero to the modified Zika virus. Indeed, this may form part of the mechanism by which embryonic development is disrupted.

      In the latter case, one implication is that the action of the gene could be blocked by giving pregnant women tetracycline in order to block its activity. The chances of success are probably low, but it has to be worth trying.

    • Vite fait pour résumer, ça sent un peu la #théorie_du_complot tout ça, non ?

      Quelques infos pêchés ici même :

      Claim One: the current Zika virus outbreak is due to the release of genetically-modified mosquitoes by British company Oxitec. The suggestion is that GMO mosquitoes were released in the same area of Brazil now experiencing Zika outbreaks, and somehow these mosquitoes caused the outbreak. The mosquitoes are engineered to require the antibiotic tetracycline in order to survive development in the wild, so when a wild female mosquito breeds with a male GMO mosquitoe, it’s essentially is a death sentence to the female’s offspring. Theorists argue that livestock use of tetracycline leaves this antibiotic in the environment, allowing some offspring to survive. Somehow, Zika is inserted into this.

      Who’s claiming this? Stories at Natural News, the Daily Mirror, The Ecologist, and Antimedia, among others. Alex Jones brings in the Bill Gates connection.

      What’s wrong with it? There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense to relate this to Zika. Even if these GMO mosquitoes can reproduce, that doesn’t mean they’re suddenly infected with the Zika virus. This article probably lays it out the best as far as a suggested mechanism, but even then it’s a convoluted mess, suggesting a transposon* (a “jumping gene”) moved from the mosquito into Zika virus (but where did the Zika come from in the first place though? was it already in Brazil?), then that transposon made Zika more virulent and gave the virus “an enhanced ability to enter and disrupt human DNA” (what??), which then leads to microcephaly. All without absolutely any citations from the scientific literature to back up this scenario, of course.

      Lu ici même :

      #it_has_begun quand même mais pas comme on pourrait le croire ...

    • D’ailleurs j’ai même pas tilté, et ça montre le degré d’embrigadement des esprits sur la question, mais essayer de faire un lien entre le moustique OGM et le virus Zika c’est pas du tout du complotisme ou de la conspiration, personne ne suggère que la mise en service des moustiques OGM avait pour but de véhiculer des pandémies.
      C’est comme si on traitait de complotistes des personnes qui essaient de faire le lien entre le glyphosate et certaines maladies ...

    • It has begun quand même dans le sens où souvent les informations se contredisent et font polémiques, ce qui ajoute à la confusion des esprits. Et quand on a l’impression qu’on nous cache des choses, la théorie du complot refait surface là où on l’attendait le moins. Société de l’information mais pas société de la transparence et de l’honnêteté comme si tout le monde avait quelque chose à se reprocher. Tiens, je vais aller me visionner « Cache-cache investigation » histoire d’en remettre une couche.