• Implications of the Brazilian report on pre-Zika microcephaly

    If the ultimate cause of Brazil’s microcephaly is not some alien African virus but deliberate government policy that keeps millions poor, what does that say about the government and the Brazilians who support it?

    And what does that say about countries around the world who adopt similar policies, countries who leave their poor to lose their babies to diarrhea and malaria or cholera—or who keep their babies as malnourished, uneducated, stunted parodies of the strong and healthy young people they could have been?

    Very likely the Rousseff government will try to ignore the Mattos Report. What it should do is extend it to the whole vast country; if nothing else, it could establish a baseline not only on microcephaly but on the catastrophic consequences of centuries of robbing the poor to pay the rich.

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