• Je prends connaissance de cette #bibliothèque numérique #anarchiste :

    The Anarchist Library

    theanarchistlibrary.org is (despite its name) an #archive focusing on #anarchism, #anarchist texts, and texts of interest for anarchists.

    Within the scope of our use of the term “anarchism” we have been quite broad, but broad does not mean infinite, and basically shrinks down to a set of ideas against the State and the capital. This immediately rules out the so-called “anarcho-capitalism”, “anarcho-nationalism” and similar crap.

    What is so special about this site?

    Often, you may find the texts hosted here on other sites that also aim to be digital libraries, and often the texts are taken from them (the source is always listed). But this #library provides (together with the on-line version of each text) one or more high quality PDFs in various sizes and and formats, as well as its plain text sources, and an #EPUB version for mobile platforms. We actively encourage the #DIY printing and the distribution of the texts, so you have the “imposed” version for Letter paper (USA) and A4 (rest of the world): just print double side, fold and clip, and the booklet is ready.

    The site provides a way for distributors and friends to change the layout of the PDFs and to create collections of an arbitrary number of texts (1 or more). See the bookbuilder page.

    The site also provides an advanced search engine.

    Et donc je prends aussi connaissance de ce #CMS


    Amusewiki , a library-oriented #wiki engine. #Amusewiki is more than just a wiki engine, it’s also a powerful authoring, archiving and publishing platform.

    Why would I want this engine and not MediaWiki / Drupal / WordPress / whatever?

    Amusewiki is not a clone of existing CMS. It was created to manage large amounts of texts (books and articles) with a special focus on quality, printing and first rate reading experience.

    The PDF and EPUB generation is not a nice addon, it’s the core feature.

    If you only need a CMS for a fancy site, amusewiki is not for you.

    Instead, you should consider amusewiki if:

    - You want high-quality output (EPUB and #PDF with #LaTeX quality).

    - You want a site with a #flat-file and #Git backend for long-term archiving.

    - You want to be able to reformat the PDFs, merging texts into collections. Add a text and take a look at the bookbuilder

    - You don’t want or need fine-grained user permissions.

    - You don’t want or need talks, comments, forums, social, etc embedded into the site.

    See the feature list for more details.

    #anarchisme #logiciel_libre