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  • Diabete and Linux | Bruno Cornec’s Blog

    Last September, I was diagnosed with diabete. I had to pass 5 days in the hospital for complete exams, and was given insulin to solve that issue.

    One of the thing you have to do in such case is take your blood sugar level very regularly to check that evrything is fine. And to do that, you have a small equipment which puch your finger, measure the level and store it. Of course, you want to be able to keep that for analysis, communication with your doctors, …

    So I was provided with 3 different equipment at the hospital. One was working very well with Linux. USB connection, seen as a drive, equiped with an html page and some javascript to make graphs, stats, tables, … That was the only working so nice with Linux so I went for it. That model is the Accu-Chek® Mobile from Roche. And of course, it’s also a excellent medical choice as it provides everything in it, no test strip to handle, needles included. Very handy.