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  • El Niño – millions of poor people threatened with hunger and destitution

    El Niño is the warming of sea surface temperatures of the Pacific Ocean. This phenomenon can change weather systems and consequently growing seasons around the globe. In already the hottest-ever recorded year, the 2015-16 “Super” #El_Niño became one of the strongest ever. For months now, Oxfam and others have been sounding the alarm against its threats particularly toward poor farmers and the millions of people dependent upon the food they grow. Oxfam and other agencies have been gearing up crisis work in dozens of countries because, even as El Niño itself fades, it has already severely damaged staple food crops that are crucial to millions of people’s lives. In many farming communities, harvests have failed and cattle have died. Their future is bleak and uncertain. El Niño itself is not a disaster – rather, it’s a trigger for a series of crises hitting people who are highly vulnerable because of poverty. In some countries, El Niño’s effects are overwhelming even the most determined government responses – they need support.

    February 2016: This map includes information drawn from the US Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS-NET), UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and Oxfam country research and reports.

    Et la Chine à ses stocks qui dégueulent de maïs

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